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My husband and I traveled a lot when we were first married due to him being in the Military. When I got pregnant we were excited, but as our son Jadon got older and started school we realized it was hard on him having to move during the school year and his preschool and kindergarten years we had moved five times and that was hard on him making new friends each time. Right before Jadon started first grade my husband got news, he was getting a training job and he would be stationary for at least 6-years. We were ecstatic that we could finally have a home and not live out of totes. We were more excited for Jadon that he would get to have friends and hopefully bring him out of his shyness. The constant moving had made it rough on him. We had found a small house to rent near the army base and his school was only a few miles from it and the house sat right on the bus route. I had taken a secretary’s job for the first time since I knew we would be here for a longer period and since Jadon was starting school. I worked the hours out, so I’d put Jadon on the bus and be there when he got off.

It worked out great for all of us. Jadon didn’t want to go the first day. We had orientation of his school a few days earlier and he seemed excited, so when the first day of school came and he complained of a belly ache, then headache, I knew he was scared his first day. I told him I drive him that morning, but he had to ride the bus home. He still wasn’t crazy of the idea, but at least there was no tantrums threw. That afternoon I arrived home 15-minutes before his bus jittery of wondering how his first day went. The bus pulled up and Jadon jumped off the bus all smiles and turning around and waving to his friend on the bus. I let out a deep breath I didn’t realize I was holding, hoping he would like school. He went on and on about his new friend Mark who sat with him on the bus and made him laugh and told him he knew how it felt to be knew at a new school and vowed to be Jadon’s friend. I realized Jadon only needed a friend to keep him from being shy, he bloomed into an outgone child that fall. I met with Jadon’s Teacher and she said he was a friendly child but kept to himself all the time on the playground. I asked her about his friend Mark, and she said there was no Mark in their class, he probably was in another one since there was five classes. The Halloween Party was coming up and I asked for that day off to attend.

When I arrived all the kids was playing games, laughing and running around the class except for Jadon who was sitting at a table in the corner playing a game by himself. My heart broke when I saw him by himself. When he saw me, he came running and wrapped his arms around me. He looked so happy and I asked why he was by himself and he said he wasn’t Mark was playing a game with him. I looked back and there was no one there. I asked Jadon which one Mark was, Jadon looked around the room and shrugged and said he must’ve gone to the bathroom because he wasn’t there now. It was weird, but they started playing a classroom game and Jadon got involved and I forgot about it until that night at dinner. I asked Jadon questions about Mark. He told me he lived in a Big brick house, his father was a doctor, and they had two dogs. He said his mom drove a big black car but wrecked it and now she was in heaven. My heart broke at those words. Poor child.

The next day I decided to pick Jadon up at school and ask is teacher again about Mark. I told her what Jadon had said and she went white as a ghost and sat down too quickly in her chair. The hairs on my arm stood up and I asked, what is it? She said knew who Mark was now. Him and his mother was coming home from a Christmas play last year and their car hit black ice and sled off the road and into a ravine. Neither survived! I stared at the teacher and said that’s impossible, how would Jadon have known this? We both shook our heads. That evening at dinner Jadon said he had a new friend in his class, named Seth. I remember him from the Halloween Party. I asked about Mark and he said he had move to meet and help new friends. We never spoke of Mark after that day and Jadon became a great young man with many friends.


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