Mon, Jul 26, 2021

A Great Heart With Wings

The town was small, and everyone knew everyone. There was one individual, Chester, that was like a fixture of the town, he was everyone’s handyman, grass mower, and friend. Chester was a private individual in his personal life. There were plenty of speculations, but no one really knew the truth. When you would ask Chester about his past or personal life, he would smile and give you a vague answer that made you wonder that much more. Some of the speculations; that he was once married, but his wife had died, he had been in prison, he was a drifter all his life and
settled in the town, someone thought he was under the witness protection program. One thing was for sure was that everyone loved him, and he treated everyone with respect and kindness.

Chester lived in a small house at the edge of town, the house was small, but all he needed. Chester was in his mid-late sixties, no one knew for sure. One afternoon there was a commotion, and someone said Chester had collapsed while mowing a customer’s yard. An ambulance whisked him away to a hospital in the county about thirty miles away. No one knew his outcome for days. About four days later Chester was seen walking down the street. Well-wishers were stopping him and shaking his hand and letting him know they were glad he was okay. Chester told them that he felt better than he ever had. The next day one of the ambulance drivers was eating lunch at the local diner and he overheard someone mentioned Chester. The ambulance driver said he was sorry that the town had lost a great man. The residents said, oh no we didn’t lose him, he is okay.

The ambulance driver looked perplexed and said no, Chester didn’t make it, he was pronounced dead on arrival. The residents said that was impossible that they had seen him four days after he was taken to the hospital. The ambulance driver said that was impossible because he was there when they pronounced Chester dead. The ambulance driver also said that he had a will that stated what funeral home and where he was to be buried. They were in disbelief of how this could be. A few of them went to the grave yard where Chester was buried and sure enough there was a fresh grave with a temporary marker with Chester’s name on it. No one could figure out why Chester came back or how he came back four days after he had died and was already buried. About a month later the church received a letter from Chester’s attorney.

It turned out that Chester was a very wealthy man and he sat up a trust fund with the church to have the elderly residents grass mowed free, and he also stipulated that the church had to hire unemployed citizens to pay them to do the mowing to help the ones in need out. There was also a letter to be read at the church the following Sunday to explain his decision. The next week the church was packed with everyone eager to finally know about Chester. The letter stated that when he was young he was given an opportunity to start his own company by a generous older man that needed work done around his house.

He turned that opportunity into a very successful business and he hopes he can pass the kindness to others. Chester said he loved the town and everyone in the town that had made him feel part of their family and since family took care of each other he wanted to take care them. The funds Chester left would mow grass and do handymen work for years. As far as Chester coming back to the town, no one really knew why except he wanted to tell his town family farewell, and had a heart that now had wings. The town put up a large monument on his grave to honor the man that help get many on their feet and to help the elderly keep their homes mowed and running smoothly. Chester’s instructions for his house was to give it to a young couple in need. The next year the couple had their first child and it was named Chester to honor the good he did.


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