Sun, Sep 20, 2020

FEMA Project - 2016 Flood - Clendenin Latest News - WV News

Another FEMA Project in Progress

Another FEMA project is in progress with the demolition of the Spence’s House on Pleasant Street behind Sams Auction. The Spence’s Home, like most, was destroyed doing the 2016 flood. They had rebuilt enough to live in it until the money came available through FEMA to demolition it, then rebuild it. The completion date is supposed to before the first of the year with weather permitting. Homes and families like this are getting help to try to get on with their lives. The home will be built to the elevation of flood standards in hopes that it will survive the next flood, Lord Help us if it ever should occur again. It’s great to see families with hope in their eyes after over three years has passed. Bob’s Dump Truck Business did the demolition.


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