Mon, Jul 26, 2021

Behind the Privacy Fence


There had been speculations for years what was behind the privacy fence in the middle of town. Everyone knew it was a large mansion that was owned by one of the wealthiest families, the Mass’s, in the state. The Mass heir occupying the estate now was in his early twenties when his parents moved to another part in the state and left the mansion to him and his new bride. They were an adorable couple strolling through town always so happy and holding hands. Their happiness wore off on everyone. They were the dream couple with their beauty, wealth, and social graces. This all ended abruptly when the doctor gave them the grim news the young bride only had a few months to live because of a heart defect she was born with and was unaware of until she started to get weak. The couple stayed inside the walls of the mansion after getting the news enjoying each other until the end. There was a private burial with family only. The young Mass was seen once or twice outside the walls of the mansion, but mainly all his supplies were brought in by his loyal butler and other servants. Years and years had passed. The ones that Behind the Privacy Fence - Unexplainable Stories Clendenin - Scary Stories The Sunshine Paper remembered the young Mass had either died, moved, or to old to remember him. The only thing that remained was tales passed on through generations of how beautiful and kind the couple were. As of all towns are, a bit curious of what was behind the large fenced in estate, the rumors started to circulate and before long there were tons and tons. Some of the rumors were; the young bride was still alive, but had been bedfast for all these years, the young Mass had become bedfast himself, and tons of more rumors that none had no merit, just speculations. My grandmother was still living and sharp as a tack, she was in her upper 70’s and was only a teenager when the young bride fell ill. Her dad, my grandfather was the owner a small grocery/hardware store and she worked there and later took it over and remembers them coming in and being so nice to her. She said the young Mass was so handsome it would melt your heart to look at him and kind to go with it. He would speak to everyone no matter if they were beggars or top class. She would talk for hours of how kind the couple was and how all the single girls thought they might have a chance with him after the grieving period was over. The Mass would be in his eighties by now and the town was curious how he faired. My grandmothers house was around the corner from the fenced in mansion and we walked by it three or four times a week as my grandmother was obedient with her health and wanted to stay in shape to do her gardening and other things she loved to do. For her age she was in remarkable shape. One evening we were sitting on her front porch on a gorgeous summer evening and she said she loved to take a walk. We started out on our normal around the town walk when we were beside the fenced in Mass mansion and the gates opened. A couple of vehicles pulled out from the gate which was unusual since hardly anyone went in or out except for the hired help. There was a young man standing inside the gate and we stared rudely without meaning to. For years no one had a glimpse of inside the gates. My grandmother grabbed my arm and when I looked at her, she was pale as a ghost. The young man looked up and smiled and said hello Ms. Taylor, which was my grandmothers maiden name. I looked back and asked my grandmother who was that gorgeous young man that she was speaking to and she said that was the “Young” Mass! I laughed and said it couldn’t be, he was in his twenties 60 years ago and this man was in his twenties now. She asked why did he call me Ms. Taylor? No one has called me that for decades! We got home and was looking at old pictures and there stood the Young Mass and his wife at the counter at my grandmother’s store and sure enough it was the man we just saw! The next morning the town was abuzz that the “Young Mass” had passed away the evening before, right before the time we saw him! So many explanations, but we all know is one thing…he is happy with his bride now.


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