Sat, Jun 19, 2021

Bigfoot in Our Area?

The legend of Bigfoot has been circulating for years from the West Coast to the East Coast, even here in West Virginia. The myth is of a huge manlike hairy creature that resembles an ape-like man that stands 6’-9’ and has feet as large as 24” and as wide as 8”. Many of the sightings has been hoaxes with a few sightings unexplainable, except it could be a Bigfoot. Some scientists believe it’s nothing but sightings of bears, or other wild creatures, but you still have those few that believes that Bigfoot-sasquatch exist, and its ancestors still roam the United States. Recently, hoax or real, there was a “possible” sighting in our area of Braxton County. Bigfoot in Clendenin - Scary Stories Clendenin - Unexplainable Stories West VirginiaIt was told a boater was close to the bank and heard a noise to look up an see this large hairy creature with a fowl odor. When the creature saw them, it picked up a large log and threw it at the boat barely missing it. With a loud grunt/scream it went up the side of the hill in the trees and brush half walking and half on all fours. The onlookers swear it wasn’t a bear, but they really couldn’t tell what it was. One thing for sure they said it was more animal than human but resembled a human also. Tee-Shirts are already being printed at the marina and many tourists have heard of the sightings and came to explore the thousands of unexplored acreages in the area. After hearing about this tale, we were more vigil watching the woods when we were camping this past week. we were sitting by the campfire one night when one of the ole timers who camp off on all summer and has for years stop by to chat for a while. I asked him about the rumors and sightings and he kind of grinned and said he’s surprised it took this long for someone to see the Bigfoot in the area. He said a couple of years before when he had set his catfish lines and came back the next day to see every one of them not only stripped of the bluegill bait but most were ripped out of the trees he figured it was a bear or raccoon that had caused the havoc. He rebaited them all and as he was baiting one near a bank there in the mud was a footprint at least 18” long! He stared at it for a bit then heard a noise and up on the bank was the smelliest, ugliest, biggest creature he had ever saw. He let out a huge scream like yell and bolted up into the woods. I stood there froze for what seemed like eternity then the fear took a hold and I started my boat up and sped up the lake as fast as I could go. On the way up the lake I couldn’t wait to tell someone then it dawned on me that people would think I was crazy if I told them what I saw and make fun of me. I figured sooner or later someone else would see it then I could come forward also. We sat there in awe and excitement of all these years of the folklore of Bigfoot and here we were in the same vicinity of it and the chance of seeing it. After the ole timer left we sat there and talked into the wee hours of the morning about the chance of seeing the legendary Bigfoot, every little sound we was jumping out of skin and laughing at how skittish we were. After a bit we looked at each other and started laughing and said the ole timer was probably pulling our chain knowing how scared we’d be. About 2am we gave up and went inside the camper for the night. We were sound asleep when about 4am we heard a horrible noise, and something hit the camper and jarred it where things fell onto the floor. We came up out of the bed and sat there for a few seconds. We rushed to the window and looked out and saw this huge creature running up into the woods. We opened the door cautiously and all our camping chairs, tables, coolers were strewn all over the campsite. We were excited we saw Bigfoot but ticked off it destroyed our campsite. The next morning, we were surrounded by other campers who wanted all the details of the Bigfoot attack, within weeks the campground was packed with tourists and news reporters from all over the country. Bigfoot had thousands of acres to live and it only was seen when it wanted to be seen. Who knows how many more years before it surfaced again and where? ***Remember all Bigfoot tales are fictional until proven different.


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