Tue, Jul 7, 2020

Camping & Fishing Go Hand in Hand


Latest News Clendenin - Hunting and Fishing in Clendenin - The Country Times PaperOur six-year-old Grandson Easton White loves to camp, fish, bike, kayak, boat, and all the stuff his grandparents like to do… Wonder why?!?!. We spent a week camping and he outfished Danny and I big time. He caught this 14” bass and as you can see, he was proud of his catch. He caught numerous bluegills, sunfish, rock bass, even carp when it rained, and the Holly River was muddy. Easton learned if he caught them, he took them off the hook and he did a great job doing so. He also beat his grandma and grandpa in “Go-Fish” card games when it was raining, and we stayed inside. Grandparents is the next best thing to being parents, but our daughter says she could never get away with stuff Easton does. The advantage of being grandparents, spoil them and send them home!


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