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Clendenin 4-Wheeling Ordinance Tabeled

At the Clendenin Town Council Meeting on Feb. 11th, 2019 the Ordinance of allowing 4-wheelers to get permits to be allowed to run through the town on designated roads was tabled due to lack of research and information. The standing room only crowd had concerns against and encouragement for the ordinances. Hopefully after more research, working out the Kinks, and “Not Jumping the Gun” the Ordinance can be modified to make Clendenin move forward.

Over the years I have not attended very many council meetings for numerous reasons. Mostly it’s hard for me to sit still longer than two minutes, let alone for an hour or longer. With two businesses, house to take care of, spending time with our grandson that lives two hours away and visiting other family members our time is limited. In the last six years I’ve been to MAYBE 7 meetings!!! I only attend when it’s a controversial subject, or family related. I attended the Feb. 11th meeting for the reason of the 4-wheeler ordinance to hear what/how it would affect us and our town. Below is my view on the Feb. 11th Town of Clendenin Council Meeting.

Clendenin Council Meeting Feb. 11th, 2019 Prior to the meeting a member of the Fairs and Festival committee asked Mayoral Candidate Gary Bledsoe his intentions for the Fairs & Festivals activities if he won the Mayor Race in June and his comments were, “He was 100% for the activities and thinks the committee is doing a great job and hope they continue if he’s elected, and he was 100% for the town to keep activities coming into the town!” The meeting was
called to order with the Pledge of Allegiances, Reading/Approving of last meeting minutes, bills approved…etc.! Also, there was a phone conference call that pertained to the FEMA issues caused by representatives from FEMA that didn’t follow protocol. It didn’t take long before the standing room only crowd to hear what they came to hear. There were many residents that spoke, and some was told they have spoken too much and they needed others to voice their concerns (which I agreed 100% that one woman tried to “run” the meeting and interrupt when anyone tried to speak, but finally got put in her place by the mayor, and council members).

Overall many concerns were expressed, and many answers were answered, but it still wasn’t enough for the council to go forward with the ordinance to allow 4-Wheelers legally to run in the Town of Clendenin. There were many unanswered question or problems with the answers the town was giving. Councilman Shelton, Councilman Bird, and others brought up concerns that wasn’t thought all the way through, which resulted in the ordinance being tabled until all the “kinks” could be worked out. Most of the crowd of mostly NonTown residents that were pushing for the ordinance left as soon as the ordinance was tabled. Councilman Shelton made a statement that I thought made the most sense of anything I heard during the meeting.

Clendenin 4-Wheeler Ordinance - Clendenin Town Hall Meeting - Clendenin WV News

The statement from Councilman Shelton (not exact, but near): “We were elected to represent the citizens of Clendenin and what THEY want, not ones who doesn’t live in our town. We need to listen to our residents and not others, we were elected by them and need to do good by them.” Very well said Councilman Shelton. I stated in the meeting and will state again that I’m 50/50 with the ordinance. Benefits: if the ordinance goes through we (Danny & I) would definitely open a couple new businesses up, it would also bring more revenue into the town for the permits they would charge each 4-wheeler, citations that will be issued for the illegal or “block heads” that won’t abide by the rules/laws, restaurants, gas stations, and more. Downfalls; noise for those that live in the area of the route, the noise and constant traffic and smell of 4-wheeler exhaust for residents who live near Morris Creek, to have to deal with the ones that come back out of Morris Creek “feeling better than they did going in”, the police being overloaded by calls for related incidents of the 4-wheelers, and more.

I’m open minded to both sides, but EVERYONE needs to be. The ones for it needs to respect the ones living close to the trails and their opinions and the ones against it needs to respect the ones that’s for it that will benefit their businesses or their recreational fun. I think if done right, and thought through with laws, research, and plenty of ironing out the kinks before it starts, it will benefit Clendenin. But this can’t be a rushed, overnight thing, it needs to be researched and laws and insurance needs all to be considered before it’s pushed through. Other concerns were from residents in the lower end who are fed up with the extra traffic (speeding also) that has been occurring day and night. “Other” activities that they believe is occurring with no help when they called by police (Spoke with the resident a couple days later and when police was called they came promptly and dealt with the problem). This about sums up my Town of Clendenin Council Meeting.

Not exact, but from my perspective views. Until next time…Keep Smiling! Sug Sams


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Thank you, Sug Sams

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