Thu, Jul 2, 2020

Clendenin Has Come Far in Two Years

Clendenin West Virginia News - Clendenin Flood - Volunteers in Clendenin - West Virginia NewsThe difference two years can make is unbelievable when you have been blessed with all the volunteers Clendenin has had in the past two years. As you can see the top picture was taken early morning of June 24th, 2016 and the bottom was taken June 19, 2018. The cliché of “Time Heals and Makes a Difference” is very true in this town. While looking at the pictures it brought back memories and complete awe how far we have come.
There are still residents who are just now getting back in their homes, or ready to move back in shortly. Many homes have been demolished, many has stayed, most businesses are back, but the main thing is The Town of Clendenin are the toughest residents and businesses owners around and by driving though the town, I think everyone will agree. God Bless Clendenin and the Volunteers!


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