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Slips on Clendenin Hill May Bring Lawsuits in Two Ways

Clendenin Hill Slips - News in Clendenin, WV - West Virginia News Articles - Clendenin Mayor News ArticlesClendenin Hill slips are dangerous to homeowners making the drive up the hill each day, and even more dangerous for a fire truck or other large vehicle to travel up the up the hill with the road washed out underneath or severely cracked/dropped down many inches for the road to give away at many time. The former administration bid the job out and Marks Drilling won the bid, but the current Mayor has been allegedly “stonewalling” the repairs since Spring! Marks Drilling purchased over thousands dollars worth of steel beams and guardrails for the repairs and have been ready to start the repairs for months! The money is earmarked for these jobs. A large lawsuit is in the making if the mayor doesn’t move fast to resolve this, not only from Marks Drilling, but if the road gives out and a vehicle rolls over the hill. Speaking to a representative of the town he hopes the repairs are done soon and said all the papers looks to be in order.

After hearing of the current Mayor delaying the much-needed repairs on Clendenin Hill, I contacted the former Mayor and asked him to give me the procedures that were followed to acquire the funding and the construction company to do the necessary repairs on Clendenin Hill. Below is an email of how the Town and FEMA representatives worked together to get it approved.

The Editor of The Country Times contacted me to answer some questions on the process that was followed to obtain the FEMA funding to repair the slips on Clendenin Hill caused by the heavy rain and flooding that occurred in June of 2016. The damage that was done on two areas of the road on Clendenin Hill was severe. The Town of Clendenin was assigned a project writer and a project supervisor by FEMA to work with my Street Commissioner, Ron Deel and Clendenin’s FEMA Representative John Shelton to make sure that all rules and regulations were followed to obtain the necessary funding to make the repairs. The project writer and The Street Commissioner visited the damaged sites and the project writer determined there was work that needed to be done to permanently repair the damage. The Project writer allotted the money needed for the repairs. Ads were placed in the Charleston Newspapers to acquire bids from contractors to make the repairs. Pre-bid meetings were held, and visits was made to the work sites by the contractors and the street commissioner and our FEMA Rep along with the contractors that were interested in placing bids. The contractors had a specified amount of time to return their bids to The Town of Clendenin. Once the bids were returned to The Town they were reviewed by our Street Commissioner, our FEMA Rep. and The FEMA project writer and then submitted to FEMA office to approve and award the contract to the winning bidder with the funds for the repairs already sitting in an account with The Town of Clendenin for them to hold in a special FEMA account earmarked for the specific project repairs on Clendenin Hill until the work was completed. All FEMA regulations were followed and approved by the FEMA Reps. and payment was made for the repairs to the Town of Clendenin. When I (Gary Bledsoe) left office, the bid had been awarded to the contractor, Steve Marks and the money was in the Towns FEMA account to pay for the repairs. I hope that this answers some of the questions and concerns that the people on Clendenin Hill have been expressing. This process was very extensive and time consuming, but rules and regulations was followed and approved by FEMA, with the help of a FEMA Project writer. The entire process was followed 100% as required by FEMA by the former administration. Former Mayor Gary Bledsoe


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