Sun, Sep 20, 2020

Clendenin Meet the Candidates

Clendenin Candidates - Voting 2019 - Clendenin Mayor Elections 2019

On May 2nd, at 6pm, The CWC hosted a “Meet the Candidates” at the Clendenin Community Building to get to know who is running for the June 11th , election and the candidates answered questions from the public as well as
questions generated from the CWC. The turnout was light and the residents that did show up asked questions and was mostly satisfied with the answers. A few heated conversations between a resident and a few candidates was basically cooled down quick when the candidates put the resident in his place with their answers. A couple heated conversations occurred between a councilman and one of the women candidates running for mayor. That too was cooled down quickly. It seemed the residents that did show up already knew basically who they were voting for and after hearing the candidate promises it was made clearer their choices. The Clendenin Women’s Club did a good job of organizing the event, maintaining a sociable event, and serving refreshments afterwards. Good-Luck to all the candidates.

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