Sat, Jul 11, 2020

Clendenin Teacher Runs to be a Voice for the Community

Clendenin Political News - West Virginia News - Politics in Clendenin - News in ElkviewClendenin Elementary Teacher running for 40th District House Seat to be a voice for our community. ***I asked Melissa Riggs Huffman why she was running for the 40th House of Delegates seat, this is her answers;

“We all watched as elected officials began turning their backs on the people they were elected to represent in exchange for campaign cash from big corporations and special interests. Corruption now fills every level of government, and just like you, I’ve had enough! Teachers and school service personnel took to the streets for competitive pay and affordable healthcare as Supreme Court justices spent millions of taxpayer dollars to redecorate offices; the Justice Administration wined and dined at state resorts, misusing taxpayer dollars meant to help families in our community rebuild their lives and escape the sheds and FEMA trailers they’ve called home for over two years; and corrupt politicians gave rich West Virginians the biggest tax cut in state history by cutting services for our seniors and children. West Virginians deserve better! I’m running to change the things folks in the 40th House District can no longer accept.”


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