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Consequences for Your Actions


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“When you do wrong there are consequences.” That is what my mom always told me. I have lived with this all my life. I have seen so many times the consequences of people that do whatever they want, alienate friends, strangers, and anyone they want, then when they know they have gone too far, they put on a show like they are the most caring person in the world. But, in the end, it always comes back to bite them and sometimes the consequences are fatal.

Years ago, I remember this man in our town who always drank too much, was overbearing, rude, arrogant, and he thought he was untouchable. He was noted to drink a lot and more he drank the more obnoxious and mouthier he becomes. Many were his friend to basically “jump on the bandwagon” of his partying and other ways. Behind his back, his so-called friends talked about him mercifully and made fun of him. He always broke laws that others never were arrested for. But his luck ran out one night.

It was dead of winter and the weekend. It had snowed for weeks and this was the first time the weather had been good enough for everyone to venture out. He decided to go to the neighboring town to a local bar that was noted for heavy drinking and partying, among other things. He frequented this location many times and a few times was asked to leave early for his rude-obnoxious mouth. This particular night the place was packed with many that had cabin fever after all the snow and came from many towns around. When he walked in and saw the big crowd his demeanor changed automatically. He had been the center of attention when he enters a bar because of him seeking attention so desperately, he usually keeps harassing people until they talk to him and by the time he arrived, the bar was in full swing with a group having a blast!

He gave his crooked grin and started rude remarks to get attention, but this group was having none of it. They turned their heads with disgusted looks and went back to having a good time. He was put out by no attention and ordered his first beer that turned into another and another until he had lost count and was getting more obnoxious with each beer. With the group a bit tipsy also it was clear this night wasn’t going to end peacefully. Around midnight he made a rude comment to one of the women in the group and that’s all it took.

An argument broke out and before anyone knew, most of the bar was in into a brawl. The police were called, but before they arrived, he took off and as he got in his truck he was laughing because he wasn’t having a good time and now neither was the group that had stolen his thunder! He barely could see the road with all the alcohol he had consumed, but like most drunks, he “knew” he wasn’t too drunk to drive.

The next day it was all over the news that dozens were arrested in a big brawl at the bar. A few days went by and the word spread that no one had heard from him and they figured out the last time anyone saw him was at the bar that night. With a missing person report filed an alert was posted on TV for anyone that knew his whereabouts. When they interviewed the bartender of the bar, she told the police he was drinking heavy and left sometime during the brawl before the police arrived. That gave the Police an idea that paid off.

They followed the route he would’ve had traveled home and in a turn in the road, they saw skid marks. When they looked over the steep embankment, they saw his truck in shambles at the bottom of the embankment. When they got to the bottom, they found him deceased and by the looks, he had laid there for hours before he passed away.

At his funeral, only a handful of people showed up. People were making comments that they were shocked this didn’t happen sooner and he got what he deserved after years of been arrogant, rude and more to people. People you thought were his friends wasn’t upset at all he was gone, but more relieved it seemed. It took years to for him to suffer the consequences but eventually consequences of your actions will catch up with you… like mom said it would!


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