Mon, Jun 14, 2021

Creature in the Woods

Spooky Stories - Scary WV Legends - Scary Stories WV - The Country Times - Unexplainable StoriesOver the years the tale of the unknown creature that terrorized a small village were told and many residents went missing and some has went missing recently without an explanation. Even the local authorities won’t talk about it when asked. Many has seen the creature and most who has, have had nightmares for years afterwards. It started in the mid 1800’s in the small village of Arvona in the mountains miles away from other civilization.

In the beginning hunters would go into the woods and come back with tales of large game animals ripped to pieces, decapitated and even worse. The hunters were left alone from the creature until one day a hunter ran across the creature engulfed in the devouring of a large bear and didn’t see the hunter approaching. The hunter stood frozen with his gun raised at the creature. When the creature raised up and saw the hunter it let out a blood curdling scream that frightened the hunter and the hunter fired his riffle and hit the creature in the shoulder. The creature fell backwards screaming the most terrifying sound anyone had ever heard.

It was told the village heard the screams miles off. It looked at the hunter straight in the eye with the creature eyes glowing bright red and darted off into the woods. The hunter stood frozen for an unknown time scared to death. He finally got his senses back and ran all the way back to town to the pub. Everyone was asking him what was wrong and after the third shot he was able to tell the group that had surrounded him of the creature with glowing red eyes and at least seven foot tall, coal black including the head that was twice the size for its body. The creature had claws that was at least 8” long and teeth that looked like a wolf. If it wasn’t for this hunter being one of the most reputable men in town, they would have laughed at him, but they knew he was serious and never would lie about such an incident. The hunters decided to form a search party and set out to bring it back and hang it for all the town to see. That night torches blaring and loaded with riffles and a group of dogs the group of about twenty men left for the woods where the creature was spotted bent on bringing the creature back.

About an hour into the search the group heard the most terrifying scream only yards from them. The dogs went crazy whining jerking at their leads and the hunters were spooked and started back to the village. When they got backed only half of the hunters had returned. The others were never seen again. After that only a few hunters would venture into the woods and make sure they were out of the woods before dark. The ones who couldn’t make it out of town by dark wouldn’t make it back. Livestock would disappear and residents wouldn’t venture too far because they would disappear. Arvona made a fence around the village and hung metal objects all around it and anytime they heard the clanging, which was only at night, they all would run inside their house. For years the village was prisoners inside their village, every time they would try to go to the next town, they never made it.

About a dozen of the villagers saw the creature and all of them couldn’t sleep and eventually would go crazy from lack of sleep and the sighting of the creature. Years later after only occasional sightings and no disappearances the villagers let their guard down. About once a year someone would go missing, then every two years, then only once every dozen year or so. Even when the children would run away to another town in the present ages someone will always say the wood creature took them. So many people that still lives in the village had aunt sisters who had fallen to the creature over the past century that they all respect the creature in the woods because they know what the creature is capable of. The rumors of the village spread in the early ages and visitors will only go there to this day in the daylight and make sure they have plenty of time to be far away from the village before dark. After the first try at capturing the creature, no one ever tried again. Some things are better to be left alone.


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