Mon, Jun 14, 2021

When we were young teenagers our parents were very lenient with us as far as playing outside in the summer after we done all our chores. We always got up early before the sun got too hot, then when our chores were done we headed through the woods to the creek to cool off. Even though it had spots deep enough to swim in, it was still considered a creek. Our parents were stern about being home before dust. They said the woods were no place for kids and every time they told us a sad look would come over mom’s face. One hot summer day the kids next to our farm came down to the creek and we were enjoying the company so much we didn’t realize what time it was. The sun was setting, and dust was upon us. It was a good ten-minute hike back to our house through the woods at a brisk run. We took off but knew it would be dark before we got out of the woods.

Right when we came out of the woods into the clearing our parents were running across the field towards us. They grabbed us and wrapped us in their arms weeping uncontrollable. We thought someone had got hurt bad and kept asking what was wrong. When they got us back to the house they sit us down and told us why we had to be out of the woods; When our parents were young they played at the same waterhole as we did. The house we lived in was the one my mom grew up in. One evening as the sun was setting they left the water hole and before they got out of the woods they heard a horrible scream. The scream was half human and half animal. They ran harder and the screaming got closer to them and they could hear brush breaking behind them. There was five of them being chased by this creature and when they got into the clearing only four came out.

They heard the creature scream, then their friend scream and that was the last time they ever saw their friend. A search party searched for days and never found him, not a trace. The woods expanded for ten miles in both directions and it was such a big area that they couldn’t cover the entire area. Over the next few years right at dark you could hear the creature screaming looking for more kids to take. The hunters would go into the woods searching for it, but it was so clever they could never find it. They found half human/ creature foot prints that was huge, but no one ever saw it, only heard it, and it was only at sunset when they heard it, no other times. After their friend were taken no one ever went into the woods after sunset. The kids were shocked at what their parents had told them, and they asked why they hadn’t told them this story before now.

The parents said they didn’t want them to live in fear like they did in their teen years, they didn’t want the creature to win at his game. That night after the parents went to bed the kids decided to go to the edge of the woods to see if they could hear the screams. They knew their parents were scared when they were in the woods after dark, but they just couldn’t believe a creature existed. That sat at the edge of the woods and waited for the scream of the creature. Nothing happened. Every time an owl, cricket, or other night creature made a noise they would jump and laugh at each other for being so jumpy. About an hour had passed and they had to be up at the crack of dawn for their chores and jokingly decided the creature must had died of old age or something when they heard brush cracking. They started to walk backwards away from the woods when two deer came into the clearing.

They burst out into a loud nervous laugh and was making fun of each other when a black shadow grabbed one of the deer and let out a horrific scream. The kids screamed and ran all the way to the house screaming the entire way. The parents came rushing out the door and met them and the kids were talking so fast the parents couldn’t understand them. When they finally calmed down enough and told the story the parents scolded them sternly for sneaking out but was glad they witnessed it, so they wouldn’t go back in the woods at night. They Named it “The Creature of the Night” and to this day the story carries on.


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Thank you, Sug Sams

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