Mon, Jun 14, 2021

Hello Readers,

*Danny and I went camping for a week and had a great time! The fishing was great, and Danny enjoyed catching fish daily, which is a change for him…hmmm! We had beautiful weather even though the weather kept calling for thunderstorms that never came. We probably fished more than we had in two years. It was a great vacation. **The carnival is in town and I hope everyone will have a great time. Kids love carnivals as well as adults. Just be careful and with traffic in a small area keep an eye on your little ones. They can slip away at the blink of the eye. ***Last week I was made aware of an incident that happened and I’m appalled, saddened, ticked-off, and very many more adjectives and verbs I probably could use.

When someone become a “leader” they are supposed to lead as a leader, not a dictator. A Friend of mine that I’ve known since I was 15 was hurt unbelievable by cruel words threw at him. This man has been a pillar of the community, respected, business owner, friends to many, great supporter financially and physically for all his 70+ years in Clendenin. He served as council probably longer than anyone ever in Clendenin. He served on the Fire Dept. for over 30 years, never has he hurt anyone, only done good for our community. A very arrogant man gave him orders to live property that the pillar of the community had been part of for over 30-years for no reason! Another person was near by and heard it all and was also in disbelief.

When you leave a Volunteer Fire Dept. in good standings you are a “Honorary Member” for life out of respect for the years served protecting the community and considered welcome at any time at the Fire Dept. In my opinion it was because the Pillar of the Community didn’t support the arrogant mans choice of Mayor and instead of being a leader and accepting peoples freedom to vote the way they want he used his position to hurt, embarrass, and shun this man from a place he devoted years, loved, and respected. I have not called out the arrogant man because anyone in our area don’t need me to, they know who he is. I’ve heard for a few years of all the turmoil he has caused to a great organization and how many of the members are upset with his arrogant attitude, but this incident tops all of anything that could be done to a dedicated man of our community.

He probably will use his connections and retaliate for this, but I’m a firm believer in not allowing this “Arrogant Bully” to hurt this man, or others without going unnoticed. His father who was a great man and loved by everyone would be so disappointed in his attitude he is showing. ****Touching base with this and will go in more depth in the next issue, but the present Mayor is trying to put the blame on the past administration for getting ready to lose FEMA money that was acquired by the past administration. The past administration had FEMA Reps. To fill out all the paperwork and it was sent and Okayed in Charleston. It had a period to be used. I will have complete rundown on this in my next issue.

Until the next issue…Keep Smiling!

Sug Sams


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Thank you, Sug Sams

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