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Editors Note – December 14th, 2018

Merry Christmas from The Country Times - Clendenin, WV Politics - Corrupt Mayor - Clendenin WV News

Hello, Readers,
*Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! We are taking a Christmas break from the paper and a couple weeks from the auction to enjoy Christmas with our family. Our next issue of the paper will be Jan.4th, 2019. The next auction will start the same week. Thank you for being loyal readers and loyal bidders at Sams Auction. **I received word that the town is getting ready to be sued for breach of contract. The lawsuit has much merit and it is going to be almost a slam dunk for the company to win the lawsuit. In my opinion it’s another instance where bad judgement by the Mayor listening to others will bring heartache to the town.

First it was hiring a mowing company that turned the cemeteries into hayfields, and now not allowing a company that was already awarded a contract not to do their job. The company has incurred expenses by purchasing materials to do the job that is over six figures! They have waited patiently and tried numerous times to start the jobs only to be waylaid by the Mayor. The Mayor keeps trying to blame the former administration, but they followed everything by a FEMA representative advice to the exact. The Mayor also has hired a company to find more money for the town. She has paid $20,000 of our tax payer’s dollars  and could cost another $80,000 to the town!!! Don’t take a rocket scientist to find that money…just leave it in the bank and the town could find $100,000.!

The sad part it’s not guaranteed the company can find anymore money for the town, it’s like playing the slot machines…a gamble! ***On the bright side, I have heard a lot of scuttlebutt about who ALL will be running for Mayor the next time, the current one has less than 7-months to go, because she won’t stand a chance against; the honest, hardworking, candidates who cares about the town more than beauty pageants, and experience that is throwing their hats in the ring. I’m glad we will have a different group in after July 2019! ****The County Times has always printed events in the town and surrounding areas by nonprofit organizations. All we ask is to get it to us in time before we go to print. As soon as the date is set, send it to us and we will gladly print it.

We are very busy with the paper, Auction, family, and other to always know what’s going on and we rely on the ones who organizes the events to send us the information. I tried to get information recently on an event at the last minute and because I left a name off (that I was not gave), and that “name” needed a pat on the back, he caused a big ruckus about me not putting his name in print. So…thanks to this selfish individual I have to ask all organizations to send me their info to keep from missing a person’s name. My next issue will be Jan. 4, please have me your info by Dec. 28th!

Thanks for understanding. Merry Christmas, Until the next issue…
Keep Smiling! Sug Sams


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Due to the increasing cases of COVID-19 in the area, and surrounding areas, we have decided to prolong the Printing of The County Times until it is safer to distribute the papers in businesses. We were hoping to be back by now, but the risks are too high. Please stay safe and hopefully we will be back soon.
Thank you, Sug Sams

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