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Editor’s Note – December 5th, 2019


Hello Readers,

This year for Thanksgiving we were very Thankful to have our kids and spouses
and of course our grandson Easton, for dinner. We had a wonderful and fun time and even got the Christmas tree up before they left. With all our kid’s busy schedules it is hard for all of us to get together at all at one time and we felt blessed to share this holiday together.

They traveled from Va. Beach, Princeton, and Parkersburg to make it a special time. This was a Christmas present early for me. I hope everyone else had a great time like we did.

Well everyone be ready to shake their heads and laugh. Tuesday before Thanksgiving I “air stepped” the two steps from our dining room into our kitchen and hit the hard tile floor harder than I’ve ever fell. I was on the ground before I knew I was falling.

My son happened to call seconds after it happened and I told him I fell, within seconds while he was still talking to me (and texting Danny) Danny is calling from his hunting post out on the ridge where he hunted and said he
was on his way home to check on me.

I was stubborn and didn’t go to Dr. until the next day. Med Express said nothing was broke but with the swelling probably ligament and muscle damage and if it didn’t get better call and they would set me up with an orthopedic Dr.

All weekend I hobbled around in pain and couldn’t stand to put weight on that leg. I had an appointment with my vein doctor for my leg and he measured the leg and it was 6cm. bigger than the other leg.

He used his ultrasound machine on my leg and it clearly shows side of my knee with a messed-up bone. LOL. Now on Wednesday, I’ll be seeing a regular Ortho Dr. to see if it’s broke, muscles, ligaments, or me just being a big baby.

Oh, did I mention Danny is going Wednesday to his Doctor to see what they are going to do with his leg where he has a torn meniscus. Yep we both are hobbling around like two Klutzes.

I guess when you love each other and are as close as we are, you share all pain. LOL. Until the next issue…

Keep Smiling! Sug Sams


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Thank you, Sug Sams

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