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Editor’s Note – February 20th, 2020


Hello Readers,

I hope everyone had a great Valentines Day like we did. Ours started a few days before Valentines Day with us adding to our family with a 10-week old Blonde Golden Retriever named Nilly (short for Vanilla) and a 8-week old Chocolate Labrador Retriever Named Mocha (Had to keep the flavors together) We started to get just Mocha, but we wanted her to have a playmate. They have been great playmates, adorable and friendly, but a big handful, but we wouldn’t change anything. We absolutely are head over heals in love with these puppies. If you see us out this summer, you will probably be seeing two of the cutest most loving puppies ever.

I have been publishing the Country Times for 16-years in March. In those 16-years I have had a few people try to discredit my paper, other news sources to go through my paper and Pirate my advertisers because they are too lazy to go out and get their own advertisers, and some other not so nice things, but out of that handful of the ones who are jealous because after almost 16-years I’m still a successful paper and they can’t bring me down, I have thousands and thousands of readers who I am ever so grateful for. I have advertisers that started off as customers, but now we are good friends.

Every time Danny or I go out in the area people stop us and thank us for the paper and tells us how much they enjoy it. Each issue we have approximately 5,000 copies distributed throughout the area and 1,000’s readers online reading it. You have a few that try to tell people that no one reads it like Kay Summers or Toehead because they want to believe that. It’s a shame we own two businesses in the town of Clendenin, pay B&O taxes, business license fees, and brings people into our town and Kay Summers, who holds the mayors title, puts down these businesses all because of a grudge and if you print anything she does wrong, then she can’t handle the truth in my opinion.

Right now, the big homecoming celebration might get postponed or moved because, in my opinion, her ego. There have been many meetings, and other events the citizens need to know about that I would advertise free, but her ego and grudge holding deprives the citizens of knowing about these events in my opinion. I have had a couple councilman state that she is wrong the way she has acted towards not only me, but other citizens. Has the mayor title gone to her head, or has she always acted like this? I can answer that one easy…but I’ll be nice this issue! I feel like after all the rude, unbearable things that has been said to our citizens that I needed to be harsher, but I won’t stoop to their levels.

Until the next issue…Keep smiling! Sug Sams


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Due to the increasing cases of COVID-19 in the area, and surrounding areas, we have decided to prolong the Printing of The County Times until it is safer to distribute the papers in businesses. We were hoping to be back by now, but the risks are too high. Please stay safe and hopefully we will be back soon.
Thank you, Sug Sams

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