Mon, Sep 28, 2020

Editor’s Note – February 7th, 2020


Hello Readers,

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, especially to my husband Danny. Danny, my Valentine is what love is all about. He is one of the sweetest, romantic, loveable, thoughtful man in the world. He is a perfect definition of what Love on Valentine’s Day means. I love You Danny Sams, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sams Auction traveled to Clay to do a Live Auction (the first one in over 5-years) at the Lions Club Building to benefit a Non-Profit Organization, Deliciously Vivid. Deliciously Vivid provides toys to kids at Christmas, Easter Egg hunts, and many events to bring people into Clay and give residents something to do. They are a great group and we appreciate their invitation to come to Clay. We had a large turn-out with over 90 in attendance, with everyone having a blast. Their group also was awesome to help us set up before the auction and afterward to pack up. We were honored to be their guest and to help them raise funds for their events. Thank you, Vanessa Dunnigan and Deliciously Vivid Group for having us.

I have had numerous Homeowners come to/or call me about the numerous apartment buildings being built while their homes have not been started. We are talking about mainly elderly residents who have waited for over three years in hopes of getting out of their molded homes or housing that that thought they would be in temporarily for a few months, now over three years they see landlords getting new rental properties built for free instead of their permanent homes. In my opinion, this isn’t right, but like they say…it’s who you know! Until the next issue… Keep Smiling! Sug Sams


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