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Clendenin News - Whats going on in Clendenin, Wv - Clendenin West Virginia News StoriesEditors Note July 20th, 2018

Hello Readers,
*I like to start off by saying what a great fourth of July fireworks the residents displayed. Where we live up on the hill overlooking Clendenin the view was great. I counted at least 20 different areas displaying the fireworks. With todays technologies the fireworks were beautiful. Well done Clendenin residents! **We left the following Friday for 8-days at the lake with all our family coming from Virginia Beach, Princeton, and Parkersburg to enjoy the week.

IT WAS GREAT! We fished, tubed, swam, played cornhole, cooked awesome breakfasts, dinners, relaxed, and overall, we had a great time! This trip was great, and I recommend to everyone to go camping just to get away from cell phones, computers, and the hustle bustle of life. It’s a great chill out for anyone. ***The Elk River was saddened by the loss of 17-year-old Cody McCallister is a swimming accident at Queen Shoals. The Clendenin community gathered together and done fundraisers and donations for the funeral expenses for the family to help ease the burden. Condolences and prayers to Cody’s family.

Clendenin has always been great when there is a need for help. ****We have family coming in from Texas next week and I’m so excited to get to see my Aunt and cousin and spend time with them. We have always been close, and this will make the second trip this year my cousin has visited, but this time my aunt will be coming, and I know very well how special time is as time go by. Until the next issue…keep smiling! Sug Sams


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