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The Sunshine Paper Editor's Notes - The Country Times WV - Clendenin NewsEditor’s Note – June 21st, 2019


Hello Readers,
*Congratulations to all who won in the 2019 Clendenin election and good luck getting the town back on its feet. You have your jobs cut out for you after the past two years. **It is camping season for the Sams and the last trip we took our grandson Easton who is the best camper in the world. Other than missing his mommy and daddy he would’ve stayed for weeks. Easton is a six-year-old bundle of energy. I broke my toe the first day we were there (you know klutzy me) so Danny done most of the physical activities and I did the rain activities with him. I was able to teach him to Kayak the first trip in the water this year, never seen anyone who can learn so quick on which way to turn the paddles and to maneuver it all over the lake. Danny taught him how to ride his bike in a couple hours, taught him how to cast, we both taught him how to take fish off the hook and Danny taught him how to tell everyone the fish was double the size it actually was…He, he, he. I know the reason for grandchildren is to make grandparents happy, excited, youthful feeling again(really don’t have a choice to keep up with them), and mostly so we can be broke again like it was when the kids were at home…he, he, he. Danny and I were worn out each night, but it was the best worn out we have been in a long time. Love him to the moon and back! He’s already talking about our next trip, we can’t wait. ***This next topic is kind of funny and if you think about it shows the mindset, we all get in. Our grandson made me realize this. Okay…who put it in stone you need to eat breakfast food for breakfast? Why does it matter what time of day we eat certain foods? Many times, I’ve fixed breakfast food for a dinner, so why can’t we eat macaroni and cheese, chicken tenders, and tater tots for breakfast, eggs, bacon for lunch, and whatever we want for dinner? Why do we have to only wear a bathing suit at the beach? Hundreds of beach goers see you in it and if you wear it in your yard maybe a dozen at the most???? Why is Ice cream considered a treat when it is made of milk and milk is good for you…eat those ice cream cones all day I say! Why do we be nice to people because we always have been to them? If they are a butthead, inconsiderate, rude, self-centered, or just plain mean say bye, bye and don’t worry what happens. The next day its in the past and don’t worry about the past, focus on the future. Until the next issue…Keep Smiling! Sug Sams


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Thank you, Sug Sams

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