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Editor’s Note – June 7th, 2019

Hello Readers,
*Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers on Earth and in Heaven. Happy Father’s Day especially to Danny who always go beyond his duties as a father to all his kids and his grandson. If they need him, he’s there no questions asked. Also, Happy Father’s Day to Gary Bledsoe who is a great father to his children also and to his grandson. **Happy Vacation! We went to our favorite campground last week and had a blast, until our last day there when we were awoken at 5am by the Army Corp to be evacuated due to the rising water. We had 30-minutes to pack and get out! We moved our Motorhome to higher grounds and came back and for our Pontoon that was still in the water. That was a fun ride! We lost a day of camping, but after 7-days of a having a blast we didn’t say much. Got home a day early and had the laundry caught up and yard mowed by the time we normally would’ve been home. Fishing was okay, caught a lot of small bass, Danny caught a 15” Bass that was pretty decent and I caught a couple 9” Rock bass that was nice. But like I said we had a blast on the water everyday and no complaints from us. ***Election is next week, June 11th in Clendenin and many you talk to say how glad the last two years is over and by far it has been the worse Mayor the town of Clendenin has seen and also has been the most stagnate two years with the town going backwards instead of forward. I hope the town will never have to go through a period like this again. Like a citizen said during the Meet the Candidates meeting, she should have to return her salary since she is never at town hall to earn it…agree 100%. Hopefully the next Mayor will jump in feet first and accomplish more in the first month than the old one did in two-years…won’t be hard to accomplish that task.****The carnival and other activities is coming to town on June 20th, the schedule is on page 13. Plan on attending. *****The four-wheeler ordinance has passed and go on my website( to read about it or through the paper for info on it. You can download the application for your permit. Until the next issue…Keep Smiling! Sug Sams


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Due to the increasing cases of COVID-19 in the area, and surrounding areas, we have decided to prolong the Printing of The County Times until it is safer to distribute the papers in businesses. We were hoping to be back by now, but the risks are too high. Please stay safe and hopefully we will be back soon.
Thank you, Sug Sams

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