Fri, Jun 18, 2021

Clendenin, WV News - Whats Happening In Clendedin - News in Clendenin West Virginia - The Country Times Hello Readers,
*I like to wish my dad in Heaven a Happy Father’s Day. It’s been 27-years, but his smile I’ll never forget. I’d like to wish Danny a great Father’s Day also. He is one of the best fathers in the world. Any of our kids only have to say they need him and he’s there immediately. He loves his children greatly. Happy Father’s Day Danny! Happy Fathers Day to ALL fathers on earth and in heaven. **A lot of phone calls these past two weeks, especially around Memorial Day. Numerous people called and was in an uproar over the condition the cemeteries that are owned and maintained by
the Town of Clendenin was in. For as long as anyone can remember the two cemeteries, Koontz Cemetery and Osborne Cemetery, always was mowed a few days before the Memorial Day Weekend to look good and make it convenient for family members to get to their loved one’s plots without having to walk through high grass and weeds.

This past Memorial Day the cemeteries hadn’t been mowed in almost two weeks prior to the weekend. Facebook was crazy with angry family members, especially the ones that send regular checks each year to help maintain them. In the past administrations the contract mowers were hired late March or first of April. This year they were hired mid-May! We all know that we have had a lot of rain, and if this is the reason for the high grass it still isn’t an excuse. The contractors should’ve done a second mow to have it ready. Towns fault for not keeping an eye on it. I would like to say when I started receiving phone calls, texts, FB messages of the situations and asking who they could contact, I texted three of the Town’s elected officials and they all three responded back immediately with concern and some answers. Thank you, Erica Kerns, Johnny B. Shelton, and Scott Bird, for your quick response and concerns. Hopefully this is a lesson learned by the Mayor and she will try to do better next year.

***Many people are also complaining about all the high grass around town, mainly in yards or lots that are rented out. The one at the end of the bridge was an eyesore for weeks. When a resident complained it needed to be cut a council responded back that letters was already sent out to the owners. Problem solved, you thought until the Mayor got on the post and went on an unrelated rant! She finally admitted her husband went and mowed it! I’m sorry, but in my opinion, you don’t mow a man’s grass that owns numerous properties and makes thousands on rental properties when you have elderly people in Clendenin that needs theirs mowed.

These elderly residents are on a fixed income and not able to mow due to their age, but somehow gets it done, but a person who can afford to pay to have theirs done don’t keep theirs mowed?!? The good ‘ole boy system of who you know I guess instead of the need of the elderly residents.

****I can’t give many details at this point, but by the next issue hopefully I will be able to, I received a phone call a week or so ago that a lawsuit will be filed within the upcoming few weeks on an individual who has been caught up in unethical/Fraud in many different cases. A known figure is involved in the investigation also. As soon as the ones involved gives me the okay I’ll have a LARGE story on the misconduct of this individual. The evidence is sickening, but hopefully justice will be served. Until the next issue…

Keep Smiling! Sug Sams


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Thank you, Sug Sams

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