Mon, Jul 26, 2021

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Hello Readers,
*Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers in Heaven & on Earth. Please make your mom feel special and loved this Mother’s Day because without them you have a void that can’t be filled. **Congratulations to all Seniors and Teachers for getting them to this point. Your life has just begun, make the best of it. Thanks to all the advertisers and sponsors who makes this paper happen each year. The businesses who sponsor you are the ones who has and will support you for a long time to come. It is a bittersweet graduation since this is the last class that went to Hoover that was flooded. The next couple classes, maybe more will only have memories from portables to remember. I know kids though; those kids will make and will have special memories as well. . ***There are contractors in Clendenin fixing all the sidewalks to make them handicapped accessible. This is a must need and they are looking great. Thanks to grants that makes projects like these happen. ****Most that came to “Meet the Candidates” meeting already had their minds made up to whom they were voting for, but if they didn’t it would be now. I was impressed with most of the council candidates, except the one that seemed to lose his temper every time one of the Mayor candidates opened her mouth. I really don’t think those two would work good together. I also was disappointed in the action of the Clendenin Volunteer Fire Dept. Chief when he rudely made commits about “quitters” and he actually accused a candidate of doing nothing doing the flood, where that candidate worked until he had blisters on his feet that had to be attended to at Town Hall by Dr. George Stablien(sp) because he refused to take time off to go to the health tent. The “Chief” should never had called anyone in this town a “Quitter”, they all worked hard and jeopardized their health to bring the town up from the ruins it was in. The “Chief” didn’t get his way with this candidate and now he wants to try to put a good man down. Many at the meeting made comments of the “Chief’s” rude comments and said it was uncalled for. The Chief sat with a smirky smile on his face after degrading a 70+ councilman and two Mayor candidates. I was brought up to respect your elders, and so was many in this town. I know for sure the “Chief’s” dad, that was a good man and the Mayor, in my opinion would be very disappointed in his actions. No “Sug”ar Coating” this meeting. Called it how I(we) saw it. Until the next issue…keep smiling! Sug


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Due to the increasing cases of COVID-19 in the area, and surrounding areas, we have decided to prolong the Printing of The County Times until it is safer to distribute the papers in businesses. We were hoping to be back by now, but the risks are too high. Please stay safe and hopefully we will be back soon.
Thank you, Sug Sams

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