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Editors Note – November 2nd, 2018

Opioid Addiction Help - Clendenin WV Drug Overdoses - Opioid Crisis in West VirginiaHello Readers,

Normally we talk about fishing, camping, or light small talk, but this issue I’m going to talk about something that has become an epidemic in our state but has hit close to many families in our area. This epidemic is drug over-doses. The over-dose victims are not chosen because of their families, income, race, heritage, or any reasons. They are chosen by bad mistakes that victims made. They are chosen because friends told them to “Try this one time”, “this will make you feel better”, “everyone is doing it”, “you can quit anytime”, “don’t worry, no one will know”, and many more enticing things you will be told. For one thing those are NOT your friends if they are wanting you to risk your life to make them feel better, because they are already addicted and want to bring you down with them. Do you realize that in Clendenin area alone there has been over ten drug over-doses in the last year that lead to death? Some of the families has went public of their children’s deaths, that was the result of drugs to try to protect other families from having to go through what they went through. The ones that has lost their lives range from teen-agers, twenties, thirties, forties, and up. It doesn’t happen to certain age, certain income, certain families, it happens to anyone that falls prey to deadly drugs; Heroin, Oxycodone, Meth, Morphine, Cocaine, and many other drugs. If you, a friend, relative, or even a stranger is addicted and need help, seek help immediately. Until everyone bands together and helps the ones addicted there will be more deaths and it could be someone close to you. If you suspect someone has a drug problem, help them get the help they need before its too late. Call 1-(844)-435-7498 to receive help. It’s not too late.


Until the next issue…Keep Smiling!
Sug Sams


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Thank you, Sug Sams

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