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Editor’s Note October 5th, 2018 

Hello Readers,

*I like to say what a great Fall Festival the Clendenin Women’s Club put on under the leadership of Co-presidents Robin Fairchild and Rita Lynch. A lot of positive comments. Good Job Ladies! **As you see on page 7 the grass on Koontz Cemetery is disgraceful. The Mayor insisted on a lawn company SHE wanted back in the spring that quit after a couple of times mowing and since then, no one has stayed too long at mowing it. A once beautiful kept cemeteries is now a disgrace, in my opinion thanks to the mayor. ***Since the mayor took office in July of 2017, four Councilmen has quit, the town recorder quit, she fired the town clerk, current town clerk quit, town workers quit, fired the chief of police…I, along with most of the town resident sees a pattern here.

The mayor gets paid $1,000 a month, she attends two council meetings a month (sometimes…she has been absent many of those), She averages MAYBE 8 hours a WEEK at town hall, most the time less, the town hall is not opened hardly ever for business owners, residents, or others who need to discuss matters with her, BUT…she has time to attend beauty pageants, vacations, attends events OUTSIDE of Clendenin, but can’t be at town hall. In my opinion it’s time for her to do what’s best for the town and resign and let someone who cares about the town take over. The recorder, and a couple of councilmen would qualify for the position. Other than for the pay or the prestige to brag she is mayor, in my opinion the only reason she is still here.

She wanted the position, bragged what she would do, then I say do it or get out! ****Council tried to discuss with the mayor, at the last council meeting that the town is opening itself up for lawsuits by stalling the construction company that was awarded the contract to fix slips on Clendenin Hill and she was rude to a senior councilman and refused to talk about it. Not only is the town opening itself up for a lawsuit with that construction company that was awarded the contract, but also with the danger it’s putting residents who must drive on these dangerous roads. Our property is located directly across from one of the slips and an expert on slips has told us if the road slips more it could make our property slip with it. After knowing the mayor is stalling the construction, and our property is damaged from the slip she stalled, I guarantee she will be hearing from our lawyer also! *****Danny and I drove around Clendenin today and we were shocked at what we saw.

Over 40 businesses and resident grass was 12” or higher. There’s an ordinance that states you will be served a letter then fined if you don’t adhere to the ordinances. Whelp…I can say this hasn’t been enforced. We also noticed numerous homes that had “Junk”, “trash”, and other debris lying around their homes. We noticed all the potholes that are in desperate need of some patching. The town was just getting back to normal after the flood and then the new mayor takes over and the forward progress started backwards.

In the last few weeks over two dozen residents has approached us and asked would the previous administration please run against her/ some of the council, and get our town back to normal. After talking to the some of the previous administration I’m happy to say that the “Dinosaurs”, “Fossils”, “Ole Timers”, and many other names they were called will be coming out of retirement to get their town, that they love, back on track. They might be called these names (which I think is a compliment since most could sit back and not be aggravated with the aggravation, but chooses to help the town) and if anyone can restore our town back to normal it’s this handful of experience men that can do it. Until the next issue…

Keep Smiling! Sug Sams


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Thank you, Sug Sams

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