Sun, Sep 20, 2020

Editors Note – Sept 07, 2018

Hello Readers,
Its been three weeks since my last paper and a lot has happened. We sat out for a twoweek trip to Florida and got to Kanawha City on the turnpike before our motorhome broke down. Yep, Our NEW 2018 camper broke down! We had it towed and they said it was a simple “Anti-theft” problem and easily fixed! That was on a Thursday. Friday it was “Supposed” to be fixed again and Danny drove it from Charleston to Clendenin to get it repacked and only made it to Doctors Creek before it broke down AGAIN! It was towed again back to Charleston! A week later it was “Fixed” again. Danny got less than an ½ mile from Todd Judy’s Garage and it broke down AGAIN! By this time, you can imagine being so upset, it was almost getting to be funny. I requested it to be towed back to Roanoke where we purchased it and Thor Motor-coach representative agreed to foot the bill ($1,250) for it to be towed there. This past Monday they removed the keyless remote that they believed to be causing the trouble… You guessed it…not the problem! So, to sum it up; our two-week trip to Florida was delayed, our 2018 motor coach that we have only put 2,100 miles on has been in thegarage for three weeks, our deposit for our campsite can not be refunded, and to put it
mildly…sorry, can’t resist…We are not happy campers! We are grateful for the Lemon laws put into effect, we qualified, three of the three categories and you only need to qualify in one of them. I’m glad there are laws to protect us when we get a “lemon”. I believe there is a reason for everything, so we are going to take each day as we can, and hopefully we will be able to make the trip to Florida to see our nephew soon. A lot of “lemonade” being made at the Sams house these days!

Until the next…Keep smiling! Sug Sams


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