Sun, Sep 20, 2020

Hello Readers,
*Fall is here and that means that Sams Auction will be back in full swing! Everyone is welcome to check us out on Facebook and join for FREE! **We planned a trip to Florida in mid-August and it didn’t work out like we planned. We had purchased a New 2018 FORD motorhome in May to make sure we would be safe when we traveled… well…that didn’t work out like we planned. A brand new 2018 FORD motorhome with only 2,100 miles, that we had put on it in the last two months broke down on the Turnpike! Long story short (As my Eleanor would say) over four weeks later, us making a trip to Florida in our CHEVROLET, our motorhome getting excellent gas mileage since it has been on the back of a wrecker 5-TIMES and now it is in Roanoke, Va. and they still have no idea what is wrong with it! We are not “Happy Campers”, sorry I had to say that! I am smelling a “lemon” right now and I don’t mean lemonade is going to be made here. But, the good news is that we had a great time visiting our nephews in Florida at their beautiful home even if we didn’t get to take the motorhome. ***The Fall Festival is September 29th starting at 9am in Clendenin and hopefully the weather will cooperate for the event. Sams Auction, at Sams Auction Parking Lot will be holding a huge parking lot sale the say day to get read of a huge amount of stock to get ready for the Christmas season and will be offering huge discounts on hundreds, thousands of items. Stop in and check us out! Until the next issue…Keep Smiling! Sug Sams


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