Mon, Jun 14, 2021

Every Rose Has It Thorns

We lived in a small town where everyone knew everyone and when someone had a problem everyone knew about it. That’s why what happened is so shocking to our entire town that the trust we held for each other will never be there anymore. The day started out like normal and we saw Mr. Mulder, who was in his mid-sixties and everyone knew he was a bit “touched” but in a very sweet way, and he was in physical great shape, out in his yard tending to his beautiful flower garden.

No one in town could come near growing flowers like Mr. Mulder. We all laughed and said he had a miracle well. The original well Mr. Mulder’s grandparents used in his front yard that was over 100-years-old was still operational and he used the water from it only to water his flowers. Mr. Mulder was in great shape, but he still hired vagrants to help with yard work and other handy work around the house, everyone praised him for giving the less fortunate ones a chance. Like most they would work one or two days, get a paycheck, then move on. Mr. Mulder was putting up a flyer asking for help with some handyman work and one of the town folks saw it and let him know his little Johnny was old enough to help now, 16 and was needing extra spending money over the summer. Mr. Mulder agreed reluctantly, and Little Johnny went to work for Mr. Mulder.

Over the next few weeks Mr. Mulder and Little Johnny hit it off great. He still would hire vagrants as they would come through town, but they would only last a day or two and never showed back up, which was normal for vagrants. Little Johnny was helping one Saturday when a vagrant showed up asking for work. Mr. Mulder said he could find something for him to do. That evening when Little Johnny was leaving the vagrant was picking up his backpack to leave also and Mr. Mulder offered him a cot in the outbuilding for the night along with a hamburger from the local diner. The vagrant gladly accepted. The Next morning when Little Johnny showed up, he asked where the vagrant was, and Mr. Mulder said he saw him heading out at daybreak with his backpack and a couple of tools stuffed in it from his outbuilding. I asked why he didn’t stop him and he said the tools were cheap ones and the vagrant needed the extra money worse that he did. Little Johnny went home that evening and told his parents how nice Mr. Mulder was to the Vagrant.

The next morning when Little Johnny showed up Mr. Mulder asked Little Johnny to get some Lime out of the building. He said he had to run down to the hardware store to replace a couple tools the vagrant had stolen and be back in a bit. When Little Johnny went in the outbuilding he picked up the large bag of lime and behind it was the vagrants backpack! Little Johnny took the lime out to the well wondering why Mr. Mulder would lie about the vagrant carrying his backpack with tools in it. When he went to open the lime, the smell was horrible coming from the flower beds. He spread some lime on it where Mr. Mulder said he had spread cow manure to fertilize it. When he was spreading the lime, he was pulling a few loose weeds and when he did a piece of root came up, but it wasn’t root, it was a bone! He raised up and went running and didn’t stop until he got home.

Little Johnny and his parents went to the town hall and top the officer what he found. After searching the property, after Mr. Mulder admitted to killing vagrants, they found over twenty remains of vagrants and their bones threw down the well. He used their bodies to fertilize his flower beds and then throw the bones in the well. When the officer asked why he did it, his answer was simple…they make great fertilizer and since no one wants them, they can become beautiful flowers that everyone will want. Mr. Mulder was committed to a mental hospital where he supervised the gardens, under strict supervision. Sometimes you can’t judge a flower by it’s beauty.


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