Sat, Jun 19, 2021

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You are only young once, at least that’s what I believed. This is an unbelievable story that many won’t believe, but I know it’s true, you can believe me, or believe what should be true. Years ago, I was in High School and it was the time of my life. I was on top of the world. I dated a couple girls, but by my senior year I was dating steady the most beautiful girl in the school. Percy was the one girl that I was crazy about, we were inseparable, our entire senior year, and we even went to same college together. Everyone assumed we be married, but Percy insisted waiting until we both graduated. Percy was an exchange student from Austria. Percy was one of a kind, she was top of our class and in a way uncanny smart, she was funny, and everyone loved her that met her. All the guys seemed to fall in love with her, but she and I was soulmates.

When graduation from college neared, I officially asked her to marry me. She hugged me and we embraced for the longest time, after we pulled apart, I saw the tears of joy running down her face, I thought! I was laughing not only of joy, but because she was overcome with joy that she was crying. Percy refused to look at me and I figured it was because she was embarrassed because she cried when I asked her to marry me. I called my parents to tell them it was official, and she said she would wait till later to call her parents because of the time period. In the five years we’ve known each other I had never met her parents because of the distance. During the summer she would go back to Austria for a few weeks, and when she’d come back, she would talk how she missed her parents, but one day they would come and live near us and we all be a family.

Percy wanted to wait six months after graduation to get married so we would have time to get jobs and get settled. I had graduated with an engineering degree and landed a sweet position nearby and Percy had a degree in law, she finished an 8-year degree in four years and was sought after by every large firm across America. We rented an apartment together and Percy was still deciding what firm to choose, and I was in my second week at an engineering firm and loving it. I came home one evening and Percy was gone, her clothes were gone, and on the desk a letter that stated, I’m sorry, but one day hopefully I can explain and I’m sorry I lied to you, but my parents died years before and I’m basically an orphan. I looked for Percy for over a year. Years later, 22 to be exact I had married and had two beautiful children. My wife and I had been married for 20-years and I surprised her with a trip to Hawaii for our anniversary. My job was very lucrative, and I was one of the best Architects and highly sought after for states around. I spared no expenses. We were staying in one of the most expensive resorts on the island. Our second night there, we had tickets to a concert.

We had dinner at an expensive restaurant, and I saw her, Percy. We made eye contact and at first, she didn’t recognize me, but she was unmistakable. She hadn’t aged a day! Before I thought I was across the room and asked her why? How? What was going on?! She tried to leave, but I told her I needed answers, and by this time my wife had joined me. Percy motioned to an outside table and we walked out together. I couldn’t quit staring, she looked EXACTLY like she did in high school. She took my hand and out of courtesy my wives also. She said you might not believe this, but here is the story; when she was 18, she and her family were in an accident and her parents were killed. She was in a coma for over a year and when she woke up and was told her parents had died and had been in a coma for a year! Weirdly was in great health.

Years went by and she never aged. I asked what her birthday was, and she said 1954! Here it was 2004 and she looked like she was 18! She told me I was the first person she ever explained this to, but I deserved the answers since she left the way she did. I didn’t know what to say, except looking at her and my wife sitting together I realized how lucky I was to have my wife of 20-years that I loved and adored by my side. Percy was a young love; my wife of 20-years was my true love. We swore the secrecy of Percy, knowing if the truth got out, she would be a freak of nature and have to be put in an institution to analyze her freak accident. After that night I never saw Percy or heard from her again and my wife and I talked about it among ourselves, but never to anyone else.


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