Mon, Sep 28, 2020

Former Clendenin Resident, Melanie Rucker Running for Magistrate

Melanie Rucker who has served as a Kanawha County Magistrate Assistant for 17 years has decided to take it to the next level by running for Kanawha County Magistrate. Rucker has always felt that the Magistrate Court is the people’s court and she feel it needs to remain the people’s court. Rucker, as a Magistrate Assistant, assisted in over 10,000 of Criminal and Civil cases from start to finish. She is very versed of how the Magistrate court is ran and Rucker realize the decisions she makes will affect that person for the rest of their lives as well as the crime that person committed against their victims. She said she has helped 1,000s of people, many that have never been in a courtroom before and she has learned to use balance. She said she knows when to be firm and fair but also compassionate. She will gladly take on the responsibilities of the office as Kanawha County Magistrate that you elect her to do. Rucker says she will treat everyone with fairness and rule on each case with the evidence presented. She wants everyone that comes into her courtroom to feel that their voice was heard but believes every person should be accountable for their actions. Rucker says she will be firm on repeat offenders as well as those committing crimes against victims. Victims deserve justice. Melanie Rucker would like to have your endorsement. Melanie would like for you to Vote #4 on the Ballot on May 8th.


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