Tue, Jul 7, 2020

Former Elk River Native Bringing Jobs Back to West Virginia

West Virginia Jobs - Clendenin Jobs - The Sunshine Paper - Latest News West VirginiaAngie (Payne) Starcher is originally from the Elk River and wants to bring jobs to the area. She has joined a company, The Alliance founded/owned by Andy Albright, that is expanding into WV and she wants to help the area she grew up in and other areas of WV, by bringing job opportunities to the Elk River. The Alliance has been in business for over 17-years and has employees in all 50-states. They are planning on major expansions and hope to bring over 3,000 jobs into WV over the next couple years. The jobs offered are great for; moms or dads that need to work around their children, great for ones who need to work certain hours due to family obligations, perfect for a second job, work 10 hours a week, or 40…it’s your choice! Within months you can become your own boss and own your own business! With the economy in the area down due to floods, residents moving because lack of jobs, and other situations, this is a boost that this area needs and will help boost the economy where jobs are scarce now. Check out Angie’s ad on page 7 and give Angie a call to get you started in a career that will turn your life around.


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