Sat, Jun 19, 2021

My grandfather was not only my grandfather, but my guardian. My parents died when I was 3 from a terrible crime. Someone car-jacked their car while I was in the back in my car-seat and my parents fought back terribly to try to save me and they both were killed. After a few miles when the car-jackers realized I was in the backseat they abandoned the car in a mall where I was found. The witnesses gave a description and after a few days someone came forward and confessed they knew them and they always had been in trouble with the law. There were news alerts for the car-jackers and a man-hunt was huge, but after a week it was old news and then a few more weeks, almost forgotten. The murders had basically disappeared.

My grandfather was crazy with grief over his daughter, his only child killed by these murderers. As I got older, around ten my grandfather told me what happened to my parents. Before I was told they were in heaven, but he thought I was old enough to learn the truth, and he was afraid I would learn from someone else the horrible way they died. I watched him over the next few years following leads and sometimes he would disappear for a few weeks on “business trips” even though he retired years prior. When I was 17 he came back from one of his business trips different than I’d ever saw him. He had a worried, but peaceful look. That was the last business trip he took. I asked my grandfather why he gave up looking for the murderers and his answer was, “There’s a time for everything, and the time for looking for the murderers has ended.”

I was confused, but grandmother said he was too old to carry on the man-hunt on his own and he had to let it go. Grandmother said they still had me and wanted to focus on loving me. I loved them more than anything and accepted it and with college, marriage, and children time healed. Grandfather was up in years and had been ill for a while. My grandmother called me and told me grandfather was asking for me. I was there within minutes. He looked so weak, but still smiled when he saw me. We sat and talked for a few minutes then he had a serious look on his face. He said I need to tell you something that your grandmother doesn’t know, and I don’t want her to know. I was so confused. The horrible men that killed your parents, my daughter is no longer a threat. I took care of it when you were a senior in High School. The last business trip I went on, as you realized wasn’t business trips, I found them. I revenged my daughter’s murderers. No one ever suspected me, because the bodies were never discovered. I made sure of that.

Grandfather said he needed to confess his sins before he left this world and wanted me to know because he saw me always looking over my shoulder. I didn’t have to look for the murderers anymore, they were dead. I was shocked,
but I was wondering maybe grandfather was hallucinating since he was so ill. I walked out of his room and went to the kitchen where I knew I would find grandmother always baking. By the look on my face she looked towards grandfather’s room and I held my hand up to ensure her he was okay. She looked at me seriously and said, “he told you?” I looked at her and didn’t know what to say.

She smiled and went into the living room and came back with mom’s old bible. She opened it and pulled a newspaper clipping of two men found dead at a bottom of an old mine. The headlines read-Men fall to their death from stealing copper from old mine. The bylines read the men were wanted years prior in the death of two murders in another state. She told me that grandfather tried to hide it from her, but she found it. She said, Lord forgive me, but I was glad for what he did to revenge our daughter’s murder. That night I went home and slept better than I had since I was little. The next morning grandmother called to tell me grandfather had passed in his sleep. In a letter grandfather left me was where the two men were buried. Months later I visited the graves and as I was standing there I felt a hand on my shoulder and knew Grandfather was with me in my final closure of my parent’s murder. As I was leaving I swore I saw a young couple standing behind me, but when I turned around no one was there…my parents maybe?


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