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Grandma and Hummingbirds

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I’ve always have been the biggest dreamer and believer in love since I was a little girl. I always believed in the fairytale love stories where everyone lives “Happily ever after.” Even though I believed in the tales, down deep I knew it probably would never happen to me. I saw everyone else meeting their soul mates and I sat back as I became a teen and had the biggest fear of all the fairytale loves were coming true, for everyone but me.

My grandma was my favorite person in the world. She was my go-to person when my world seemed to crumble. We were inseparable. Grandma lived next door to us since I was born and with my parents working long hours, she basically raised me. There were times when my parents and I would disagree I secretly wished she was my real mom, she understood me like no other.

I was in my last year of college when I got a call that grandma had a heart attack. Grandma was frail and watched me walk across the stage at the local university as I received my diploma with the proudest look of anyone in the audience. I spent the entire summer spending time with Grandma before I started my new job with a big company as their marketing director. The company recruited me right out of college since I was top of my class, but I explained I was taking the summer off to spend with my grandma since she was going downhill quickly.

I never told grandma because she would disapprove of me making a fuss over her, but the doctors had told us grandma only had a few weeks, at the most a couple of months and my heart was breaking over the thought of grandma not being here for me. I know that was selfish, but she was my rock.

The last of July we were sitting on her front porch drinking lemonade and grandma said my name and I looked up to see tears running down her face. I was out of my chair kneeling beside her holding her hand asking what was wrong? I was grabbing my phone to call an ambulance and she said no, no, I’m okay. I just need to tell you how much I love you and know that I won’t be around for you much longer. Tears were running down my face, she said even though she might not be on earth she’d always be in my heart and watching over me.

By this time, I’m crying so hard I’m sobbing, and grandma is patting my back. She said enough on this sad stuff let’s focus on the positive and the beauty in the world like the beautiful hummingbirds feeding on the feeder only a few feet from us. We watched while the hummingbirds hovered by the feeder and my grandma had the most peaceful look watching them. Grandma said, remember when the world seems to be crashing down and your heart seems to be breaking to watch a hummingbird and all the pain, the stress of life fades away and the problems appear to be less than you imagined they are.

For some reason she was right, a calmness came over me and I knew right then how blessed I was to have her in my life. Two weeks later grandma was gone, and a piece of my heart was gone too. I was lost without her. A few months later I had settled into my new job and buried myself in it to stop the pain I constantly felt over my grandma. I moved into grandma’s house right after college to take care of her and stayed after her passing.

It was a Friday evening and I was sitting on the front porch feeling lonely missing my grandma. I never dated much, a few dates here and there. I was still looking for my soulmate, like in the fairytales and no one could come close to fulfilling that quest. I was watching the birdfeeders and wishing it wasn’t late fall and all the hummingbirds hadn’t left yet, I needed a hummingbird in my life so bad right now. I didn’t realize how hard I was crying until I felt a hand on my shoulder. I was startled to see a stranger standing before me. He asked me if I was okay and I was blubbering that I needed a hummingbird, he said, “Look up!” There at the feeders were at least a dozen hummingbirds! I said, how can that be, they have left weeks ago until the spring?!?

The stranger said, they must’ve known you needed them today. I remembered my grandma’s words and she was right. The stranger saw me crying and came to my rescue, like a prince charming and magically hummingbirds appeared, my grandma was watching out for me and she found my prince charming. Five years later, sitting on my front porch with my daughter I told her all about how I met her daddy, my prince charming and how grandma brought us together with the hummingbirds. He had been walking by and rescued me, just like the fairytales.


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