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My grandmother and I had a bond as close as a grandmother and grandson could ever be. I was her first and only grandchild and she cherished me as mush as I cherished her. I never wanted for anything. If she heard me say I liked something within the week I had it, even though my mom didn’t agree I should get everything I wanted and would give my mom the, “You are spoiling him too much, and he will expect it and not appreciate how hard it is to come by.” My grandmother would abide by her rules, but when I had a Birthday or holiday, she over did it big time! I would stay at her house every weekend I could and the games, cooking, TV movies, all were so much more fun than staying with friends. Sometimes it felt we had this special bond of always knowing when one of us needed the other, we talked almost everyday on the phone when we could. As I got older, we still talked a lot, but I didn’t get to see her as much, sports, girls, college, but we still talked a few times a week and I made it a point to visit her once a week. I noticed one day that Grandmother was frailer than she had been the last time I saw her. I had plans to go out with friends that weekend but decided to cancel and spend the weekend with her.

When I told her that I was staying the weekend she lit up like a Christmas tree. Grandpa had passed away a few years prior and she was lonely. We sat and reminisced like old times and she laughed about the times I was little and got into mischief and she would take up for me and say she done it. She told me that she would tell my mom the truth afterwards because she wanted my mom to know she loved me and respected moms wishes, but only wanted me to think I was getting away with it. Late that night we were getting ready for bed and she told me she loved me more than the world and she wanted me to know that she would always be there for me, now and forever. It was awkward at first, because I felt like she was saying goodbye to me, she gave me her smile and told me she was going to be around much longer, that I hadn’t gave her a great-grandson yet. We both laughed and she got serious and said, you do know that I can’t be around forever, but I’ll always will be watching over you.

When you are thinking about me, having a bad day, or just need to talk I’ll know, and you watch for our favorite thing we use to do, and we both said at the same time, “Catch Butterflies”! We both laughed and started talking about the ones we liked the best was the ones that had wings that had different colors. It was 7-years, and I was laying a rose on my grandmother’s grave, she had been gone for two weeks and I had visited her grave four times since we had buried her. My son was 5 now and she had spoiled him as much as she did me. I had put on a brave front for him, my wife, my mom, and others who knew how much she meant to me. I laid the rose on the grave and sat there for a few minutes before I broke down and sobbed. I told my grandmother I love her and still need her, and that’s when the butterfly landed on my hand and it was the prettiest one I had ever seen, and right before my eyes more and more butterflies landed on my hands and they were all around me and dozens were swarming around me, and my sobs turned into laughter and the butterflies were all around me as though they knew how happy I was.

Years past and every time I needed my grandmother, she was there for me with butterflies swarming around me, even in February when my mom, her daughter passed away butterflies appeared while it was snowing. My mom had the same bond with my son and there are times I’ll see a hummingbird land near my son, and he will smile and look towards the Heavens with a peaceful smile on his face. If you think of it, all the love ones that leaves us has a way to let us know they are watching over us, you just need to watch for the signs and believe and know your guardian angel is always there for you!


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