Mon, Sep 28, 2020

HHHS Wrestlers Takes Home State Titles in Boys and Girls Divisions

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Jordan Dempsey is the 2019-2020 WV State Girls Wrestling State Champion in the 100- pound division. Jordan Dempsey is a 15-year old 10th grader at Herbert Hoover High School. Jordan is also the FIRST 100-pound Female wrestler in WV! Jordan Dempsey is a 15-year-old 10th grader at Herbert Hoover High School. Her parents are Tanya and Matt Dempsey from Pinch, WV. Jordan has been wrestling for six years with 21 wins and 23 losses.

When asked about her losses on the mat, Jordan states it teaches her how to focus more and work harder. Jordan states that wrestling makes her push herself and strive to be better. Jordan’s best memory with wrestling was when she qualified for states during her freshman year. This year Jordan made history by becoming the WV Girl’s Wrestling High School state champion in the 100-pound weight class.

When asked about competing in a sport that is typically dominated by males she states boys are naturally stronger than her so it’s easier for them to overpower her, so she has to be quicker and think fast on her feet. Jordan has attended her two years of high school in portables. This has not affected her high school career and even though it is cold in the winter everyone seems to make it work she states. Jordan’s dream is to win an Olympics gold for girls wrestling. Jordan plans to attend college after high school to become a surgeon.

*Article and picture by Sasha Falls, President of SADD Club


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