Sat, Jun 19, 2021

It Is What You Want To Make Of It

Growing up in school I wasn’t the most popular. I was very poor, I wore the same outfit at least twice a week, sometimes three times. They were clean, and I was always clean. I had friends, but the cheerleaders, class presidents,
and rich kids seemed to snarl their noses up at me and my friends. We always had fun at lunchtime, afterschool activities, weekends at each other’s houses, and about anything we did. On the other hand, the rich and popular always seemed to be having crisis in their lives every day; Boyfriends cheating on them, not getting the head cheerleading, getting a stain on their designer jeans, and more.

They might have been the richest, prettiest, most popular, but they also were the miserable ones too. All the way through school we envied the rich and popular ones. They were beautiful, smart, and had the world by the tail. Years later I get a notice in the mail that we are having our 20-year-class reunion. I had doubts if I wanted to go. I stayed in touch with a few of my friends, one of them we talked on a weekly basis. I got in touch with her and ask was she going. After a lengthy debate we decided we go to see how the snobby ones turned out. My friend and I both had moved out of town and hadn’t kept up with any of our other classmates. The time for the reunion drew near and I was getting a bit nervous. Since graduation I had really done great with my life. I got married, had children, my husband and I opened a business that had expanded into other businesses, and an expensive wardrobe and to be able to afford to have your hair and nails done professionally really made a difference. I worked hard to get to where I was and was happier than I ever had been in my life.

My friend had done well for herself also. The night came, and I picked up my friend in my new BMW, since we had decided to go together our husbands, which were good friends were glad to have a guy’s night in front of the TV to watch a ball game they had talked about all week. We arrived at the reunion and the valet took my keys to park my BMW. The look of admiration was funny he was giving the car, my friend and I got the same looks. We walked away with our arms linked giggling about the looks he gave us and the car. We could hear the chatter and music from outside the gym doors. When we walked through the doors we were talking about the lunch periods where we use to sit in the bleachers and watch all the snobs act like they owned the school and show off and glance in our direction to see if we were watching. We were reminiscing and had walked into the gym and didn’t realize all the chatter had stopped. We looked up and everyone was staring at us.

Out of habit my friend and I both turned around to see who they were staring at behind us, but no one was there. They were staring at us. We looked at each other, smile, and walked on into the gym. The chattering started back up and all our classmates were surrounding us talking like we were best friends. The same ones that snubbed us, snickered at us, made us feel inferior now was acting like we had always been friends. My friend and I went over to the punch table and our mouth dropped open. All the cheerleaders, popular kids were standing in their little group and the site was overwhelming. They all were overweight, grey haired, aged beyond our years, and they all looked miserable. In school we envied the group we were looking at that had everything, we thought. All our friends we hung out with was there and looking great.

It was like we switched places, except in school there were always drama, crying over boyfriends, and other drama. Our group now was happy, no drama, and happily married. How could we have thought they were the happy ones back in school, when it was us who was the happy and lucky ones. When you are looking at your life in school right now and feel like you are the unpopular ones and others have it made, remember you have a future and the future is what YOU make of it. If you feel sorry for yourself and feel like the world is against you, then you will never make anything of yourself. If you have a positive attitude and work hard to make something of yourself, you will succeed. Have faith in yourself and don’t let others look down on you. Always look to the future.


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