Sat, Jun 19, 2021

January 5th – Editor’s Note

Hello Readers,

*Brrrrrrrrr… is what the first thing that comes to my mind right now with all the below freezing temperatures. I hope everyone is staying warm and making sure their neighbors are. Remember pets are susceptible to the freezing cold also. Make sure they have fresh water each day and throughout the day with below freezing in the daytime it won’t take long for their water to freeze. Animals need food and water to survive especially in cold weather. Make sure their bedding is dry, hay or straw is better than blankets. Blankets get wet and tangled in their chains. If possible, please bring outside animals inside. Garages, outbuilding are better than in the open.

**I was looking on Facebook and saw that kids were having to wait at bus stops for long period of time, having to wear gloves, coats, scarves in classrooms. This is not okay! Parents need to make sure their kids are dressed warm when they walk out the door until this problem is resolved. Danny and I was in shock at a parent posting how their child stood out in 1-degree weather without a coat for a long period time waiting on the bus!?!? Okay, why is their child without a coat? If they can’t afford a coat there are too many organizations out there to help. Other than that, reason the parent is at fault for not making sure their child has a coat on when they walk out the door. You are the parent, they are the child … put a coat on them please, be the adult.

*** For everyone driving past Save-A-Lot and seeing a Clendenin Police Car running radar…don’t worry, the Town limits stops before Save-A-Lot, which means they can’t legally charge you out of their jurisdiction (Unless they are in pursuit of you following you out of the Town limits) and until the officers get certified running radar is another No-No. I guess maybe if the Mayor would have insisted on training the officers in Clendenin, instead of a more dangerous setting, (where the Chief was injured in a shoot-out in Roane county) the new officers would know where the Town limits ends. When you have new officers that haven’t had Police Academy Training, they need to be trained in a safer environment. We all are grateful that the new chief was not serious injured in the incident a few weeks ago, but let’s keep ournew officers safe until they have had the proper training they need.

The Chief has had the proper training, which is probably why his injuries was not more life threatening, let our new officers stay safe until they get trained. ****We have had 7-months under the new administration. Councilman Bird, and Councilwoman Kerns are trying to make a difference … Wish I could say that about the other new elected officials. Our elected recorder resigned. It’s going to get interesting when the first audit comes around with “Doing what they want Crew” not walking the line 100%, which the auditors are super strict in small town governments doing.***** Great news, the days are getting longer and it’s closer to spring than it was!!! I can’t wait!

Until the next issue … Keep Smiling! Sug Sams


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Due to the increasing cases of COVID-19 in the area, and surrounding areas, we have decided to prolong the Printing of The County Times until it is safer to distribute the papers in businesses. We were hoping to be back by now, but the risks are too high. Please stay safe and hopefully we will be back soon.
Thank you, Sug Sams

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