Sat, Jun 19, 2021

Knight in Shining Armor

Valentine’s Day was always Lucy’s favorite holiday. When she was little she was always the dreamer, thinking her knight in shining armor would come sweep her away. Lucy was a pretty girl. She lived in a small town of about 80. Her Father owned the feed and hardware store in town and her mother had died years earlier from a fever. It was the late 1800’s and if you weren’t married by the age of 25 you were considered an old maid. She was getting close to 25 and her dad figured it was time he was going to have to take matters into his own hands, unbeknown to Lucy. Lucy noticed more of the ranchers that lived on the outskirts of town was coming in lately and more of the town folks. Lucy, with her cheerfulness and innocent beauty, didn’t realize she possessed, could be a catch for any farmer. One night after closing she was discussing with her father how business was really picking up and if this continued they would have to have a delivery done before the next scheduled one.

Lucy’s dad said that the Ward boy was casting an eye or two her direction, and Lucy laughed and told her dad she felt sorry for the one that married him, he was the laziest man she ever saw and gave about ten other reasons why no one should marry him. Her dad then brought up another one that had came in, and a few more, Lucy shot them all down. After about the third one Lucy realized what her dad was doing and was having fun busting his bubbles. She realized the increase business was more of a match making game her dad was playing than the need for fence wire, feed, and other hardware needs. Her dad would be disappointed if he knew, but Lucy knew that there was no one in their town she would ever want to settle down with. Over the next few weeks it was a steady parade of eligible bachelors coming through the store. Finally, Lucy couldn’t take anymore and decided she knew her dad wouldn’t stop until he found her the right suitor, and decided it was time for her to move to another town, as much as she didn’t want to leave her father, but the entire town was starting to snicker behind her back.

They didn’t realize it was her that was refusing the men, but they were snickering the men were refusing her. Lucy wished her mom was there to talk to, she needed her desperately to seek advice. She had a plan to sneak out of the house and catch the midnight train. If anyone saw her she would say she was going to visit her aunt. All went well, and she was on the train for about three hours when it came to the last stop. She had no idea where she was going, but knew she had to get away from the ridicule of her town. She exited the train and realized her plans should have been thought out a bit more. She arrived in the middle of the night and nowhere to go. She grabbed her bag and sat on the bench as she watched the train back out of the station. She figured she had about three hours before the town would wake up and the bench was good as anyplace to wait.

She must’ve dozed off, the next thing she knew there was a tap on her shoulder. Lucy looked up and there stood what she figured was the Sherriff since he had a badge, which in the dark all she could see was a shiny badge. He asked why she was sitting all alone and she told him waiting until the hotel opened. He told her he had connections and he’d walk her over to it. His mother owned the hotel and she gladly gave Lucy a room. The Sheriff gave her a stare and said she looked so familiar. She was there two days before her dad found her. She explained why she had to leave and he apologized for what he had done, he said he needed Lucy’s mom to handle these things right now. Lucy’s Dad pulled his watch locket out and was looking at a picture of Lucy’s mom when the Sheriff asked to see the locket. He said that was the lady who asked him to check on a sleeping girl at the train station the night he found Lucy. They stared at each other and both said at same time, “She’s died years ago!” The Sheriff swore he saw her. One year later, to the date she arrived in town, the Sheriff and Lucy was married, on Valentine’s Day. Lucy’s mom found the knight in shining armor for her!


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