Mon, Jul 26, 2021

Listen to Advice and Leave Your Worries at the Dock

Camping was our summer ritual of vacation every year. My parents worked at the factory and didn’t have much money and camping was the cheapest vacation there was. They would save change all year to pay for our camping trips. We loved it, that was until I got up to the mid-teen-age years, then it changed. It was between my freshman and sophomore year in High School when I rebelled and didn’t want to go that summer. All my friends were talking about going to the beach, large amusement parks, and other cool places, not the boring camping that I was going on. My friend offered to let me go to the beach with him, but that would require money for food, events, and other spending and my parents didn’t have it. The mowing jobs I did was to help my parents on repairs to their old truck that had broke down. I felt it wasn’t fair that I had to spend my money on their vehicle. It was time to go camping and I was about as downhearted as I could get.

I always loved camping, but this year I was dreading it, knowing I could’ve went to the beach. We sat up camp and I was still pouting over not going to the beach and as soon as we were set up I took off with my fishing pole to the dock to go fishing. I was there for about ten minutes when an older man came and asked could he share the dock with me. I was brought up to always be respectful to others and told the older man it would be great to have company. We chit-chatted about fishing for a bit before he said he was surprised I was camping instead of at the Beach with kids my age. I told him it was a long story and I’d rather be there instead of camping and he said he had all evening let him hear the story. I was mad and needed to vent, I poured my soul out to older man that evening and in return he listened and all he said was that sometimes what you want isn’t always what you get in life and sometimes there are reasons for the circumstances you must deal with.

I mulled over what he said in my mind and still thought I was being deprived of the beach trip. The older man left, and I decided to head back to camp as it was getting dark. As I was coming upon our camp I could see my parents had started a fire and was setting by it talking. With the darkness they couldn’t see me approaching and  heard my mom say she’d done anything to let me go on the beach trip, but with the truck and the cutback at the factories, it was a good thing they had reserved and paid for this camping trip months ago or they wouldn’t had gotten to come camping this year. My parents hadn’t told me their hours had been cut, or if they did I was too busy having a pity-party for myself to acknowledge it. I felt like a spoiled brat and didn’t want to face them right now. Before they saw me, I turned and walked back the way I came and was sitting on the dock when I heard a noise and turned to see the most beautiful girl with blonde hair and the prettiest smile I had ever seen.

Her smile was perfect. The clouds had given away and the moon was so bright it looked like daylight. We introduced ourselves and it was the easiest conversation ever to someone I had just met. About ten minutes into our conversation I saw my parents walking towards the dock. I excused myself for a minute from the beauty and met my parents and told them I’d be back to camp later. I gave both a hug and told them I loved them. A few hours later after the beauty’s parents made the same visit we parted knowing almost everything that could be known about each other and a promise to see each other tomorrow.

Tomorrow turned into the entire week, month, and here we are 20-years later married with our three children sitting on the same (with same updates) dock we met on reminiscing how we met. One thing I failed to mention was the reason my wife had walked down to the dock was because she was missing her grandpa that had came camping with them for years and it was the first trip without him. He loved to fish off the dock. When I saw pictures of him it was the older man that let me vent and gave me the wise words I needed to hear. We felt he had sent his granddaughter to the docks to ease both our pains. Our first son was named after him.


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