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May 25th Editors Note

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Hello Readers,

*Danny and I took the plunge and bought a bigger Motor-Home that we will be using for years to come, especially when we retire, if we ever get to retire that is. Our busiest time for the auction is Sept.-May, and if anyone knows us they know we are working at the auction at least 40-60 hours a week, not counting doing the newspaper every other week 40+ hours. So that means some weeks are 100+. We save so we can buy our “Toys” to have fun in, but by the time summer gets here it takes all summer to rest up, to start again…whew…must be an easier way like…hitting the lottery???? I guess this makes us appreciate our “Toys” more when we do get them. We will be having one more “HUGE” online auction, and then it’s time to start camping, fishing, and spending time with our family for three months. Hopefully we will have a BIG “fishy” story by the end of the summer. **I was glad to see the number of graduates for Hoover this year, and pleased that all the ones who helped sponsor them at the bottom of the pages or throughout the paper. This will make 13 years we have listed the Graduates and if it wasn’t for all our advertisers and sponsors it wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you, advertisers, and sponsors. ***My phone rang/texted constantly in the last two weeks of the dump site that use to be for natural debris for towns residents, but the Mayor allowed dumping of unnatural debris, that probably will result in the much-needed dump site for limbs, grass, and other natural debris items to be dumped it in being closed permanently. Then the Mayor announced in a council meeting that she was going to get the VFD to do a control burn (illegal) debris that the TOWN dumped in the Town’s “Natural”…(tree limbs, grass, leaves) dump. But, burning treated or regular lumber, rubber products, boards with nails, plastic fencing is ILLEGAL, even with a “Control Burn”!!! I also learned the debris was dumped at the dump by the town’s workers by orders of the town. This was debris taken off private property and tax dollars paid for this also. I had phone calls stating that they had contacted the DEP, DNR, and other organizations to stop the burning before it pollutes the air that we breathe in the area.

I have been super busy with the graduation paper and didn’t have time to contact these organizations to see what was going to be done about the unsafe issue. I did find out the day of going to print there are plastic garbage bags of trash there now! I’ll follow this up in the next issue. ****I like to voice my opinions, so here we go…One more “Pet Peeve” is that a source told me that in the council meeting the Mayor voiced she was tired being approached about problems on the street instead of them calling or coming into the office!!! OH. MY. GOODNESS! how can you contact her when she’s hardly ever in the office??? When you take a public office of a Mayor, you get paid and take the responsibility of the people concerns in that town. You need to be there for the people. If you can’t handle the stress of people approaching you, voicing their problems (or opinions) in town, been present at the town hall, or speaking the truth, then you are not Mayors material and you need to step down and let someone within the town’s government take the position. We own two businesses and pay our B&O taxes faithfully, we, along with everyone in town pay utilty tax and B&O tax to pay to have someone to represent us when we have a concern as well as others in our town.

I don’t know why this Mayor thinks she should be exempt from having to do anything except to show up at a council meeting twice a month and ride in the parade waving and smiling to earn the $1,000 Mayors’ salary!!! I guess some might think this is harsh speaking like this, but like always I speak my opinions and truth when the need arises to do so. Some of the council and other official are doing great jobs. The towns grass looks cut and neat each week thanks to Scott Bird. More than we can say about the cemeteries where I’ve heard nothing but complaints, there again the Mayor pushed to get the one mowing it the job I heard at the council meeting. One great thing I can say is that one year has almost passed, which means she only has one more year to go… thank goodness! Until the next issue…

Keep Smiling!
Sug Sams


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Thank you, Sug Sams

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