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Mothers are Always There

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When Jenny was little, she was so tiny at birth and always had health issues and that made everyone baby her. Jenny always was smiling and a very happy baby. As she got older was the favorite, but she wasn’t the prettiest of the other siblings. Her hair seemed to always be stringy, her blue eyes were too big for her face, and with her being so tiny her clothes always was too big and made her look sloppy. Jenny always kept her smile and her sweet personality throughout though.

When she became a teenager all her sisters were going out on dates and getting flowers sent to the house, and dozens of suitors with their looks. Little Jenny was still so tiny, and she had become super shy, which made it that much harder for her to meet boys.

When she was fourteen she loved walking in the woods and across the fields and dreaming about the time when she would have a boyfriend and he would sit with her and watch the sunsets in the fields, go to the movies, and all the other romantic stuff boyfriend and girlfriends do.

Jenny was still small but while no one was paying attention she was starting to blossom into a beautiful young lady. She started High School, and everyone loved her with her shy, smiling, sweet, caring personality. Jenny was still so shy it was hard for her to meet guys. All her friends try to matchmake, but with her shyness, she couldn’t bring herself to go on a date.

A couple of months went by and Valentine’s Day was approaching, the day she dreaded the most. All her friends kept telling her of different guys that thought she was cute and would like to go out with her, but Jenny didn’t have any confidence in herself after her childhood of being the scrawny stringy hair skinny kid.

Valentine’s Day came and she didn’t want to go to school that day. All the girls would be getting flowers, candy, teddy bears all day long and she’d be the one not to, plus the dance that night she wouldn’t be going and the questions of everyone asking who she was going to the dance with and having to say she didn’t have a date would be embarrassing.

While she was waiting on the bus, cardinals were flying all around her and one landed near her and seemed to be looking straight at her. Her mother always told her cardinals were good-luck and they tried to relay a message to you.

Her mother passed away a couple of years prior and she missed her so much. Jenny was in her first-period class and she saw the office helper come in and she pretended to be buried in her books so no one could see the disappointment on her face. Someone tapped her on the shoulder, and she looked up and the office helper was handing her a vase of roses and she thought she was to hand them to the girl across the row when she saw her name on the card.

She looked around and some of the girls were smiling and giving her the thumbs-up. She couldn’t help but smile. She read the card and it said, “Will you go to the dance with me?” There wasn’t a name and at first, she thought maybe it was a joke. Everyone was asking who they were from, and she just shrugged. The next period the office helper brought her a Teddy Bear and the card said, “I’ll meet you after class.”

Jenny was so nervous and didn’t know what to do. What if no one was there and it was a joke? After class, her friends were all asking what the card said when one of her best friend’s names Mac came up smiling and Jenny said, before you ask, I have no idea who sent me the flowers and bear. Mac said I do! And Jenny said who?!?

Mac had one hand behind his back and when he showed it, there was another bouquet of flowers behind his back and he said ME and handed Jenny another bouquet. Jenny and Mac had been friends since grade school and she never knew how he felt, but secretly she has always had a crush on him. She gave him a hug and said why didn’t you ever tell me, and Mac said, you weren’t ready and Little birds told me to take the chance today! She remembered the cardinals she saw that morning at the bus stop. Her mother was right and was letting her know not to be shy and take the chance. Mothers will always watch out for their babies at any age.


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