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Mountaintop Vision

Mountaintop Vision - Scary Stories - Unexplainable Stories - Incredible Mountain Stories - Clendenin WV NewspaperThe community of Vision was located miles away from the public, not many people knew it existed or the name of the small town. The ones that did know it existed never spoke of it and stayed clear of it. The population of the small town called Vision was 385 give or take. It was established in the late 1800’s with six families and grew from not only those families, but from ones that would travel for thousands of miles to find it. The name for the town came from the first residents who were an outcasts and went to a remote area that was far from others. They didn’t fit in anywhere else with their abilities. It started when twin sisters were born and as they grew everyone thought the closeness between them was how they could finish each other’s sentences, always knew when one of them was hurting, upset, and other things that didn’t seem normal.

Then when one of their friends also demonstrated the same ability and then others it became clear that they could communicate miles from each other to bring them together. They had the telepathic abilities that not only was between each other but, they could tell what anyone who was near them was thinking. That was one reason why the ones that knew of their small town never went near it because they knew that the residents could read their minds and the awkwardness was too much. The ones that knew also kept it quiet because the tale was that the one time the town drunk had too much to drink and was telling whoever would listen to them about the town of Vision, ended up having a bad accident a week later with a boulder falling on him and crushing him to death. After that, no one ever spoke of it again. It was mid-summer and a group of two families was traveling through the area while making a cross country trip and stopped in the town outside of Vision to have dinner.

The families said they were traveling across country and was trying to find landmarks, unique places, and beautiful scenery. They asked where the road led to a few miles back that went up into the mountains, the waitress and another customer looked at each other and said nowhere, it was a dead end. The travelers looked at each other knowing that the waitress wasn’t being truthful but decided not to push the conversation farther. After they left the diner, they went to some of the gift shops and some of the mom and pop stores that they loved though all the small towns they had been visiting. When they asked the same question in other stores of the road that led up the mountain the response was the same with the eerie feeling of no one wanting to talk about it. When they were ready to leave the small town the two families agreed it was too much of a mystery and they had to see what the mystery was up on the mountain. They drove up the mountain around the winding roads that was miles. The scenery was breathtaking and farther they went up the mountain the more beautiful it was. When they got to the top there was a small town with its own stores, restaurants, gas stations, churches, and beautiful little houses that was like a Norman Rockwell Painting.

The families couldn’t believe their eyes of its beauty and couldn’t figure out why the other towns people said there wasn’t anything up here. They parked their car and got out and was greeted by an elderly man who asked how they found their town. The tourists explained and the elderly man smiled and said they didn’t get many visitors. The tourists went to ask of a hotel, but before they could as the elderly man said there wasn’t any hotels because visitors rarely came up here. When one of the children came up to the elderly man and asked why the tourists wanted a hotel the tourists were puzzled how the child knew.

The tourists noticed that more and more of the towns people was surrounding them and their minds were feeling weird with so much noise that they just held their heads and the throbbing wouldn’t stop. The next thing the tourists knew they were at the bottom of the mountain and had no idea how they had got there. When they asked each other how they got there they had no recollection of coming down the mountain. When they were talking about the people on the mountain, they all had different stories of the people they saw and what they looked like, it was so confusing. One thing was for sure was the Mountain People didn’t have to worry about their secrets because they had a way of wiping everyone’s memories away.


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