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My Best Friend, My Date

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The town was in shock with the news. Another youth, one of my friends had passed away from the epidemic of drugs. This made the fourth one in the last six months. My friends weren’t bad kids that had been in trouble with the law or had parents who could care less, these friends were from families that were church-going, pillars of the communities and respectable people.

The kids were athletes, worked jobs, were always helping do fundraisers and community work, and more. Kids you never would ever think would be mixed up in drugs. When the autopsies came back it showed no previous drug use, it was probably their first time. Four good kids experimented with drugs once, and now they were gone.

This was so messed up, friends who I’d known since grade school are now gone and will never come back. At school, we had assemblies to help with our grieving and to educate us on drug use. During the assemblies the teachers let us know it only took one time from peer pressure to do drugs and only one time to end up like our friends.

It was a “Scared Straight” assembly and you could tell by the tears and hand-holding, that it was working. Weeks went by, then months and the fear of our friends dying started to fade away. It was prom night and the excitement of getting dressed up and talk of boys, and where and what we were going to do afterward had us all jittery with happiness. The prom was great with the decorations, lights, and music.

We all were having a blast and then it was time to leave and there were tons of parties everywhere and we had decided to go to a few of them before it was time to be home. My date was also my best friend since grade school. We had decided to go as friends since neither one of us had dates. We were having a blast and was pulling into our third party. When we got to this party there was a lot of drinking, but we thought it was cool since we had never done this before.

I called my parents and told them we were having a great time and would be home an hour later. They were cool with it if I called them, plus I was already 18, so they really couldn’t say too much. My date and I were handed a drink shortly after we arrived, and we thought we were cool to be drinking at a party. I looked around and a few were on the couch halfway passed out. The house we were at was really a summer cabin of one of the kid’s parents and there definitely wasn’t any supervision at this one. I had drunk half my drink and started feeling super dizzy. I looked up at my date and noticed he hadn’t drunk any of his. I asked why he wasn’t drinking, and he smiled and said, I promised your parents I get you home safe. About that time someone bumped into me and I dropped my drink on the floor. I smiled at my date and said, that was for the best since I’m super dizzy.

I looked around and everyone was floating. I asked my date what was going on and he said we better go. I stopped and pointed to everyone floating up in the air and asked my date why they were floating, and our giggling good mood was gone, I was scared. He grabbed my hand and was pulling me through the crowd outside. We got home and told my parents what had happened and the horrible headache I had couldn’t be normal. My mom called a friend she knew that was a police officer and when they arrived there were five kids who had overdosed laced drinks and many others were hospitalized. Thankfully, the person who knocked the drink out of my hand had saved my life. As far of the floating people I saw, the only explanation was that the ones that were near death, their souls were starting to leave them and with the toxicity of the laced drink I was drinking, my soul could’ve been one of them if it wasn’t for my date, my best friend.

It was later found out that some older kids had crashed the party and thought it would be fun to lace high school kids’ drinks. Five kids died that night, three from our school. It could’ve been more. When you go to a party, be aware of your surroundings, don’t make the mistake I did that almost cost me my life. It only takes one time to lose your life, and each time after that your odds are against you.

***The Scary Stories series can be Scary, Inspirational, Spiritual, “The unknown”, and many different subjects. They mainly deal with the uncertainty of how and why things happen that you can’t explain. Some of them are true, some are fictional, some are a little of both… You decide which are which!***


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