Mon, Jun 14, 2021

Noises or Imagination?

Sometimes your mind can play tricks on you and you wonder if you heard or seen something, or you just have the jitters. We will let you decide on this story which it was; The old house had been renovated and to look at it you’d think it had been built in the last decade with all the new updates and nothing left to show the house was over 100 years old. From the inside to the out, all new walls and fixtures. When the couple finished renovating it they loved it. Knocked out walls to make all the rooms larger, new flooring, and the works. It was the first week they had moved into it that they heard noises, but it seemed there was always an explanation. They lived in the house blissfully and accepted the “noises” as part of the house. The couple loved to travel and decided to take a long trip but didn’t think their elderly dog was up for such a trip in the vehicle, so they asked a friend to dog/house sit while they were away. The friend was more than glad to help the couple out, plus he had been around the elderly dog since it was a puppy and loved it like the couple did. The couple returned from their trip and the friend asked about the noises. The couple laughed and explained away the noises from the house settling, to the appliances, wind coming down the chimney. The friend looked relieved to know that the noises could be accounted for. He then asked about the “shuffling” noises early each morning in the kitchen as if someone was walking slowly and shuffling their feet. The friend also swore he could smell coffee one time and bacon another time. The couple looked puzzled, that was one sound and occurrence they hadn’t witnessed. The friend said every early morning at 5am he heard it. The couple said maybe one of their alarm clocks was going off at that time since it was the same time each morning. They all looked and looked, but never found anything to mimic the sound. That night the couple set their alarm shortly before 5am to see if they could hear it. Sure, enough at 5am the shuffling sound could be heard. The couple never heard it before because they would run a fan each night for noise for the elderly dog and the fan drowned out the noises. That afternoon they visited the elderly neighbor across the street to ask about the house. He said an elderly lady lived there when he and his bride moved into his house years prior. He said when she was young her husband worked in the mines and would get up for work at 5am and she always got up and fixed him breakfast and pack his lunch. He was killed in the mines when their children were little, but she still got up every morning at 5am, fixed breakfast and pack the kids lunches for school. When the kids married and moved away, you could see the lights come on at 5am each morning. Even though the house had been vacant for years and completely renovated, the widow spirit still was keeping the routine of the 5am breakfast that it had done for decades before her death. Over the next few months the couple, now aware, experienced the sound/ smells numerous times. They would smile and say the shuffling ghost made them hungry way too early in the morning and go on about their business. The next spring, they decided to clean the attic out and found an old coalminers lunch pail. They brought it down and made a beautiful flower arrangement and sat it on the table. After that, they never heard or smelled food at 5am again. The couple guessed the widow didn’t have a lunch pail to pack anymore. What do you think? Was it over imaginations of the friend in a large unfamiliar house, and the story of the widow, or was the widow still carrying on her 5am routine? Too many coincidences to ignore I think!


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