Sat, Jun 19, 2021

Heroine Epidemic - Help with Heroine Addiction - Scary Drug Stories - Opioid Addiction in WVOne Last Chance

When I went to sleep I was so tired. It was the worse week ever. For the last few months it had been so hard trying to jungle my new job, my new responsibilities, my family, and I could go on. My new job had me working 60 hours a week, trying to visit my parents who lived over two hours away, and trying to keep with my truck payment, rent, utilities, credit cards, and all the other daily living expenses. My job was one that my friends envied, I was making over six figures, but I hardly ever got to see my family or friends anymore. The one weekend I got off early I stopped in to see my parents before rushing off to meet some of my friends. It had been weeks since I had seen them. They all were excited to see me as I was them. I needed this weekend to relax and let go bad. I was 26 years old, but it seemed like I was twice that age lately. All I did was go work, go home, take shower, watch an hour or two of TV and go to bed. Repeat it five days a week and sometimes six. This weekend was exactly what I needed. That weekend changed my life forever, I met Pearl. Pearl changed my life.

I was so grateful for my friend introducing me to Pearl. She was my life. I couldn’t wait until I got home to Pearl, she was always waiting for me. My friends would call for me to hangout with them, but Pearl had become too important to me, I wanted to spend more and more time with her. My family was upset with me. They couldn’t understand how Pearl could be more important to me than them. My love for Pearl was so overpowering I was beyond myself. I remember ridiculing my friends when they had met their “Pearl” and couldn’t understand how they could turn their backs on their friends, but now I understood. Over the next few months Pearl and I became closer and I had started missing work, because I wanted to spend more time with Pearl. Pearl and I would stay inside for days with each other. I wouldn’t answer my phone or door because people were starting to get jealous over Pearl and gripe at me saying I was spending too much time with Pearl.

They didn’t understand that until I met Pearl I was so depressed and was hating my job and boring life. Now I was so happy, and the depression was gone. Why couldn’t my family and friends understand? Pearl and I had been together for about six months when I realized Pearl wasn’t cracked up to be what I thought she was. Where I started to spend more time with Pearl, I ended up losing my six-figure job, had an eviction notice, late on my truck payment, and after losing my job Pearl wasn’t around as much. I went to the mailbox that morning and my last paycheck was in my mailbox, of course Pearl showed back up because I had money. I was so excited to see pearl again we over did it that night. If anyone reading this that might have realized by now that Pearl is actually “Black Pearl” another name for Heroin! I took my last paycheck and bought Black Pearl with it and couldn’t wait until I could let Black Pearl take over and get rid of all my worries.

I looked around my apartment with pizza boxes, trash, dirt, and dishes piled in the sink. The dirty clothes didn’t matter anymore, I just picked something out of them each day, if I chose to change and went with it. I told myself this would be the last time. In the morning I’d clean my apartment and talk to my parents about my problem, after this last time. I sat down and inserted the needle and I could feel the Black Pearl effects. This was stronger than normal, some good stuff. Wow, I was flying this time, great Black Pearl before I came clean tomorrow. My parents came through the door yelling and crying, I was trying to tell them this was my last time, for them to chill out and quit being so dramatic. The paramedics came in and gave me a shot, then stuff up my nose. They were pounding on my chest, my parents are crying so hard, I don’t understand, that’s me lying there, but I’m here looking at everyone, what’s going on?

The paramedics looks up at my parents and shake their heads. My mom falls across my body and is sobbing so hard. What have I done? Why did I let Black Pearl control me? Please give me another chance, please! It’s too late, Black Pearl won, I lost. Look what I have done to my parents. If I could just have a “do-over”, please, let me have one more chance…Please…one more chance!


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