Sat, Jun 19, 2021

Opening Cold Doors

Unexplainable Story

It was so cold outside it hurt to breathe. The middle of January and already we had days of record breaking temperatures and the end wasn’t in sight according to the weatherman. For four straight nights it had been in single digits. I got home from work and I couldn’t wait to get my warm fuzzy PJ’s on and warm up chili from the night before, sit by the fireplace and read a book I was halfway through. My plans went accordingly, and I was ready to call it a night around Midnight when I heard something outside. I checked my monitor of my security cameras and saw something on the front porch. It was a white dog. It was against my front door as close as it could get, and you could tell it was cold. I opened the door and the dog jumped up and run down the steps.

I whistled to get its attention and it stopped. I left the door cracked open and went and got it some of my chili I had earlier. The dog had come back up on the porch and when I sat the chili down, it stared at it, but until I shut the door it wouldn’t come near it. I watched the camera and it ate the chili like it was starving. I watched as it ate all of it and it left as soon as it finished. I went to the bathroom and washed my face and brushed my teeth. I came back through the house turning off lights and checked my security cameras and there was the dog back by the door. In one way I was hoping it would be there. I opened the door and was baby talking to it as it looked up at me with hopeful eyes and that’s when I saw them, she had four puppies that was less than ten days old, the eyes were still shut. My heart melted. I opened the door and reached down to pick up a puppy.

The mommy wouldn’t let me, she licked my hand and then allowed me to pick it up. I got a blanket and laid it near the fireplace. I couldn’t stand it, I fixed a bed on the couch, grateful it was a Friday and I didn’t have to get up for work the next morning. I watched the mother bathe the babies while glancing at me to see if I could be trusted. I couldn’t resist, I sat in the floor and petted the mommy until she fell asleep. I was hooked. The weekend was special. I went out and bought a large bed for them, dog food, and a bunch other items the pet store clerk assured me I needed. Mommy would only go out to potty, and would rush back in and check to make sure her babies were okay. By the second day I realized I needed to name her.

After careful thought I decided Frosty was very fitting. Weeks went by and the puppies grew and Frosty was the most adorable, loveable pet anyone could ever have. After about a month I realized one day when I came home, I had Frosty and four little pups running through the house, grabbing my pant leg, that I had to make a decision of placing the pups in a new home. The weather had warmed into a normal winter and neighbors commented on the beautiful pups. I knew most of my neighbors and I had a plan. The next weekend I bundled up and took tow of the puppies and knocked on doors. Sure, enough the neighbors fell in love instantly with them. Frosty was crazy prancing when I got back looking for her pups.

The next day, I took the other two and same results. Frosty was sad, but I made sure I gave her extra attention and that night she slept with me for the first time and every night thereafter. After a week Frosty was back to her normal self, and become overprotective with me. In late March we had an exceptional warm day and I was outside with Frosty cleaning the flower beds out. Frosty started whining and when I looked over at her she darted down the street. I went after her and there she was with one of her pups. They were playing and chasing each other by the time I got to them. Before I knew it here came another and within minutes all four pups were there chasing and playing together. All of us owners stood and watched and laughed. My plan had worked, keep them in the neighborhood to keep them together. No matter how cold it seems, if you let a warm heart in, it can make the difference for you and others. By opening one door, it opens many more.


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