Sat, Jun 19, 2021

Ringing of The Church Bells

Unexplainable Stories - Scary Stories - Wolf Stores - Clendenin WV News - The Sunshine PaperYears ago, the townsfolk’s knew what would be happening at midnight on New Years Eve in their small town. Every New Years Eve the local church bell would start ringing and for one minute everyone in town stopped what they were doing and listen in silence. It all started years ago when the Jones family was getting ready to celebrate New Years Eve and the young son around 7-years old went outside to fitch firewood. Back in those days the young kids helped with all the chores as soon as they were able to lift a piece of firewood. The Smiths, from the neighboring farm across the field had come to celebrate with them. They were sitting in front of the open fire with popcorn popping on the fire in an iron cooker and playing dominoes. Time had slipped away from them and after about 20-minutes they realized their 7- year old hadn’t returned with the wood.

The father went outside and yelled for his son, no answer. He went around to the wood pile and the tracks in the snow showed his son walking out towards the field, along with prints of a large wolf. The dads heart sank. He rushed back in and told the rest what he had saw. What puzzled him was the son had walked willingly with the wolf! They searched for about thirty minutes and realized they needed more help and torches, so they could see. By the time they got back to their house and over to the church to ring the church bell that meant for town folks to gather because there was an emergency it was right at midnight. The father rang and rang the bell. Before long one by one family were gathering at the church. A large group of men were searching while the women were fixing coffee, sandwiches, and was making more torches for the men when they came back to get warm and coffee. For days the men would search, then little by little the search party tapered off.

Spring had come, and the weather was getting warmer. After Mr. Jones would get his chores on the farm done, he would go back looking for his son. There was never a sign of the boy, no boots, coat, gloves, or anything. It was a mystery how the boy disappeared without a trace. The next New Year Eve the church bell started ringing. All the town folks gathered, and everyone said it wasn’t them ringing the bells. The Jones family were heartbroken, and they were shocked to hear the ringing of the bells. They felt like it was a sign their son was reaching out to them. Years passed and each New Years Eve it was the same thing, bells ringing. The father was up in age and had passed away early spring and the mother heartbroken over her son and now her husband died a few months later. The town folks buried Mrs. Jones and had a tombstone with their son name in between them with date of death stating “Unknown” with his name and a picture of a wolf underneath.

That New Years Eve the bells did not ring for the first time in 40+ years! In the earlier year’s speculation was, the Jones’ ringing the Church bells, but the last few years both Jones’ were basically bedfast because of their age and health problems and there was no way they could have rang the Church Bells. Decades later a group that helps close cases of unexplained mysteries heard of the small boy disappearance and brought a large group to solve the mystery. After weeks of searching with their high-tech equipment the body of the seven-year-old was found in a cave. The cave was a wolf den and well hidden.

The bones of the small boy were curled up in a ball and in his arms was also the bones of a large wolf! The explanation could only be the wolf friended the small boy and laid with him to keep him warm and refused to leave his side. It is still a mystery why the boy followed the wolf, and why the wolf didn’t harm the boy. The church bells rang in hopes of the boy’s family to find his remains for his parents to have peace of mind and give him a proper burial. The town buried the remains with most of the town coming out to show respect. Finally, all three could have peace. That year at midnight on New Years Eve the bells rang again for the last time, speculations was the boy was saying thanks!


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