Fri, Jun 18, 2021

Sadie Knows Best

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The small town was miles apart from the nearest town and everyone knew each other. One lady, everyone knew and liked lived up in the mountains and went by the name Sadie.

Sadie had no real close friends, but when she came off the mountain for supplies, she made it a point to stop and talk to all the store merchants and anyone else that was standing near. The gossip was that Sadie had premonitions. Sadie could sense when something terrible was going to happen, and she also could sense evil in other people. Sadie had a premonition when the schoolteacher house was going to burn from a candle that was forgotten and left while she went to a school function one evening, a week before it happened.

Sadie also had a premonition when a man came into town befriending everyone with his charm and she warned her neighbors about him, and they wouldn’t listen until one Sunday while they were at church he robbed their homes, but of course, Sadie held him at gunpoint and marched him into church and told the neighbors where he had hid their valuables, and they could go collect them.

There were many other times that Sadie “had premonitions” and so when Sadie had come off the mountain one Saturday and asked to talk to the president of the local bank in private, everyone knew something was about to happen. A local teenager had gone missing a week prior and they hoped that Sadie knew where she was. A crowd had gathered outside the bank and was waiting when they emerged from the bank. The bank president had a worried look on his face and asked for all the other merchants to join him in his office.

When the local police officer went to join them, the bank president asked him would he mind keeping watch on Main Street for them, because there might be trouble coming. The officer nodded; he was glad he was going to get to stay outside in the beautiful weather especially since a local girl he had been eyeing was waiting outside to see what Sadie was making a fuss about.

When all the merchants exited the bank, the worried looks were present on all their faces. The officer was so preoccupied with the young lady on the street he didn’t notice he was surrounded by all the merchants. When he looked up, the merchants were holding clubs and the president had a rifle and was pointing it at the officer. He asked the officer to allow another merchant to remove his gun from his holster and after doing so, the bank president told the officer he had two choices, either show them where the teen was or he was going to allow the merchants to take out their anger on him.

The officer was petrified and agreed he would show them where he was keeping the girl. They found the girl and after checking farther they found out the officer wasn’t an officer after all. He had stolen the identity of an officer from a state down south and was using the credentials not only to get young ladies but to deal in stolen goods. A lot of people had things missing from their homes, but they figured it was someone from out of town, not someone local, especially an officer of the law.

When the residents started putting things together, they realized all the thefts had taken place right after the officer had arrived. Sadie had the premonition of the officer and his ill ways and shared them, not only to save a teen’s life but to rid the town of a no good for nothing that preyed on a local town and the residents. Sadie not only gave bad news, but she also would inform the locals when they were about to become proud parents (before they even knew), or when one of their out of town relatives were going to stop in for an uninvited stay. Premonitions or a guardian angel, Sadie was everyone’s friend.


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