Sun, Sep 20, 2020

Sam’s Auction Bidders Put Smiles on Faces

Danielle Vickers, with her two children posing with Santa Claus and helpers. One of the many
families helped.

On December 21st, Mr. & Mrs. Claus, and Elf Lori, made visits to over 10 homes and provided toys to over thirty Children, toboggans, and scarves to all their parents and to the children … thanks to Michelle, from up North, Pizzas … thanks to Shane at Clendenin’s Giovanni’s, Candy Canes … thanks to Elf Lori.

Thanks to over thirty bidders form Sams Facebook Auction, with most of them donating more than one toy and some as many as twelve toys, there was 62 toys donated and Sams Auction donated another 25 for a total of 87 toys. Gary Bledsoe donated all the gift bags to help bag the toys for the kids. “Mrs. Claus” stated they acquired names from officials in positions to know if there were a need in the homes. “Mrs. Claus” stated that few of the homes they visited, the toys they brought would be the only ones the children would be receiving for Christmas. After 50+ miles, getting loss at least three times, Mrs. Claus got demoted from the “Rudolph” Position next year and Good Elf Lori’s Husband, Bad Elf Brian will be our lead “Rudolph” next year.

After seeing the need for children, Sams Auction has decided to start immediately raising funds for toys next year and hope to help more children, and to give each child more gifts. Danny and I like to send special thanks to All our donations that came from our Sams Auction bidders especially Joyce S., and Mark H. who donated over 10 toys each. Shane M. at Giovanni’s who donated pizzas, Michelle for the Toboggans and scarves, Lori and Brian for candy canes, helping us to fill our need list, and helping us to find our way on back roads. “Together we can achieve much.”


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